winter nail colours 2018
winter nail colours 2018

12 Best Winter Nail Colours 2018

Have you ever try all of the “hot” winter nail trends? All Know-How hopes that the following 12 best winter nail colours 2018 will help you become more attractive in the fall-winter of this year.

1. Nail attached Rhinestones

With people who love the complicated from each small details such as hand, this Nail attached rhinestones is the first choice for them. This nail trend is decorated with many small accessories based on individual hobbies. Generally, when you use this fall winter nail trend, you should choose the smooth color for painting layer to make the accessories on the nail highlight.

fall winter nail trends
You should not attach too many accessories on the nails to prevent losing the beauty.

2. Red Nail

The red nail is another choice for the girls loving beauty. We can say that this color is very easy to fix with people, however, in some case, this is also very difficult. Because if you choose the incorrect color, this is a terrible thing for your hand.

fall winter nail trends
In the winter days, the red color will make everything become warmer.

3. Black nail

Maybe black is not the choice of almost girls because they still don’t realize its strength. If you can choose a black color which is suitable for you, this is too wonderful. You really will regret that why you do not know this earlier.

fall winter nail trends
This style is suitable with not only cool girls but also weak girls

4. Pink Nail

Many people think that pink is too obsolete. However, the nude pink nail is stylish and elegant as well as fashionable. It is one of the choices for fashionable girls.

fall winter nail trends
Nude pink is the recent trend for girls

5. Blue nail

Blue is not popular in winter days, however, instead of traditional blue, you can use navy blue, Coban blue.

fall winter nail trends
Without complex accessories, the combination between blue and white create beautiful nails

6. Brown nail

The brown color which makes warm hearts of all people, also appear in the fall-winter days. If you like the simple things, the brown nail is all for you.

fall winter nail trends
Brown color create warm feelings during fall-winter days

7. White nail

Not many people can use white nail like the black nail. However, it is the choice of West Europe girls. You can change your style with fingernails like the bellow picture with a white painting layer.

fall winter nail trends
You will attract all of the people with white nail

8. Color polka dots nail

At present, a lot of young people love the nostalgic style and it also becomes popular in our beauty trends. Therefore, color polka dots nail is necessary for people who follow this trend.

fall winter nail trends

The combination of nostalgic color polka dots and Pastel colors will bring the lovely for the girls.

9. Beautifully striped nail

If you want to become cooler and more personality, you can choose this nail trend, which is decorated with a colorful horizontal stripe.

fall winter nail trends
Instead of choosing smooth color simple nail, you can create the difference with the stripes.

10. Gold lame nail

With muliebrity people, a gold lame nail is a great choice.

fall winter nail trends
This is a highlight for those who love the feminine but still want to add complicated things from their beautiful hands.

11. Red plum nail

Other than pure redness, red plum is darker. If you are bored with pure redness, why don’t you change and use this warm color?

fall winter nail trends
Combination of red plum color with black on your nail

12. Moss-color nail

It is a beautiful and the latest trend in fall-winter this year.

fall winter nail trends
It not only makes your hand skin more white but also suitable for girls loving the simplicity.

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