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How To Treat Gastric Ulcer By Russian Pomegranate Peel

pomegranate peel is an oriental medicine

There are many traditional remedies and oriental medicines that can treat gastric ulcer; however, according to the Russian, using dried pomegranate peel for treating gastric ulcer is a simple and effective way. All Know-How will share with you how to treat gastric ulcer by pomegranate peel. Gastric ulcer is one of …

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Lip Exfoliator Diy – How To Remove Dead Skin On Lips

lip exfoliator diy

Using homemade lip exfoliator from natural materials is easy to bring you the beautiful lips as the petal of the rose. Lips are the sexiest part of the body and lipstick helps your lips become more attractive. However, the lips that are not carefully cared will be chapped. Besides using lip …

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Top 10 Best Lip Balms All Girls Must Have

Top 10 best Color Lip Balms

Lip balm is the best choice if you are finding a lipstick with the light color to make your lips moisturized. This is the best way to help you have beautiful lips with radiant light pink color. In addition, with the moisturizing effects and favorited colors, color Lip Balm is …

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Panax Pseudoginseng Effectiveness Vs The Age Of Users?

Panax pseudoginseng

Panax pseudoginseng is considered as ginseng, it helps balance blood sugar, blood pressure, fat… However, you know the relationship between Panax pseudoginseng effectiveness and the age of users? Thus, All Know-How will share with you some ways to use it based on the age of users. Treatment Uses Moderate blood …

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Lao Cai Vietnam: 7 Sightseeings Bat Xat Route Deludes Visitors

lao cai vietnam

Lao Cai Vietnam is one of the beautiful places in northern Vietnam. Lao Cai Vietnam has a number of wonderful places that we must visit when reaching this destination. Additionally, we will have an opportunity to enjoy the tranquillity and peace here. This helps us relax and release stress in …

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Best Ways To Use Olive Oil For Babies

olive oil contains lots of vitamins

Olive oil is well known for its good effects for health, skin, and hair. Not only used for cooking, but olive oil also is used with many benefits for baby. It is a fat obtained by processing olives – a traditional tree Mediterranean Basin, named Olea Europaea. Olive oil is …

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7 Health Benefits Of Turmeric In Treating Gastric-related Diseases

Turmeric (Curcuma Longa) is a common spice that has many benefits for health, however, not everyone knows how to use it for treating gastric-related diseases. Turmeric not only improves the taste of the dish but also contains many antibacterial agents capable of killing bacteria in food. In addition, turmeric contains …

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Ha Giang Vietnam: Places For First-Time Visit In Ha Giang

ha giang vietnam

Ha Giang Vietnam is the head of the country where is always a favorite place of people who love exploring. Also, coming here, we will admire the wonderful scenery and explore the life of ethnic people, and eat the specialties. Hence, AllKnow-How will show you destinations we should visit when …

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