Australian Goat Milk Skin Care – A Secret Of “Timeless Skin”

Goat milk

Mentioning to Australia reminds everyone of the land of kangaroos and Sydney Opera House with a shell-shaped roof in conjunction with the variety of birds, wild animals, and flowers. Especially, Australia is called the peaceful countryside worth experiencing. This land is bestowed a natural gift- the fresh goat milk which …

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10 Natural Therapies Against Lung Cancer

lung cancer

The lungs play a very important role in our body. It provides oxygen and eliminates carbon dioxide. Moreover, purifying and cleaning the lungs is absolutely indispensable for the body, especially in smokers’ body. The frequent exposure to toxic substances of smokers is the cause of respiratory diseases, chronic diseases such …

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Top 5 Best Places To Travel in Winter

Northern Lights-Tromso

Nowadays, traveling in winter becomes a popular trend for everyone. This is an occasion for you to admire the richly decorated streets of Christmas. All Know-How will bring to you top 5 best places to travel in winter. Winter travel gives you the opportunity to explore and enjoy the beauty of …

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How Does Gac Fruit Protect The Liver?


Lycopene is highly considered an antioxidant with 10 times as powerful as Vitamin E, which protects the liver from harmful free radicals. Nowadays, the main source of Lycopene in the world is from tomato extraction. However, Gac fruit – also called baby jackfruit or spiny bitter gourd, is a common fruit. …

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Living Coral – Orange Coral Color Of The Year 2019

color of the year 2019

Following UltraViolet and Greenery, Living Coral tone will be the color of the year 2019, which will make a significant breakthrough in 2019. According to the prediction, this color trend is opening the good news for the coming New year. Now, Let’s discover with All Know-How! Based on the remarkable …

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Hair Care With Water Extracted From Dried Honey Locust Fruit

Washing hair with honey locust water

Honey locust fruit is used as a folk wonderful remedy for strong and smooth hair. Let’s learn about hair care method with water extracted from dried honey locust fruit shared by All Know-How. The scientific name of honey locust is Fructus Gleditsia. Currently, people seldom use it directly for caring their …

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4 Must-Try Styles Of Hong Kong Milk Tea

Hong Kong-style milk tea

Hong Kong milk tea originated from British colonial rule over Hong Kong, it is a feature in British’s Afternoon Tea made from black tea mixed with sugar or milk. In the culinary culture, milk tea is an unreplaceable part of the lunch and a favorite beverage in Hong Kong. The …

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7 Health Benefits Of Turmeric In Treating Gastric-related Diseases

Turmeric (Curcuma Longa) is a common spice that has many benefits for health, however, not everyone knows how to use it for treating gastric-related diseases. Turmeric not only improves the taste of the dish but also contains many antibacterial agents capable of killing bacteria in food. In addition, turmeric contains …

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