Benefits Of Guava Leaves – Best Herb Against Cancer And Diabetes

guava leaf benefits to our body

If you don’t know, guava leaf against cancer and diabetes, moreover, it can support people to treat diarrhea, obesity, and cancer diseases such as stomach and prostate. According to Medical daily, guava leaf is a natural anti-oxidant including acid tannic, quercetin, and flavonoids, a natural anti-inflammatory biocide. Drinking guava tea …

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Top 15 Most Romantic Hotels In The World For Couples

romantic dinner for two at kohsamui hotel

On a honeymoon? Having a vacation with your lover? Set up for your trip a stay to remember! What kind of place do you want to live? Somewhere that you can see the glittering skyline from the roof or an oversea view from the balcony? Here’s the list of top …

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5 Basic Makeup Trends Every Woman Should Know

5 basic makeup trends for you

Makeup trend changes continuously, but some makeup styles never get “old”. Here are 5 basic makeup trends that girls should know, which is simple and suitable for any situation and daily life. Let’s see these familiar makeup trends. NATURAL FOUNDATION Clear dew makeup is extremely suitable for Asian women. This …

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Top 5 Perfumes For You On Christmas 2018

perfumes for this christmas 2018

There is no other perfect time for you to change your perfume like on Christmas. Christmas is coming. In these days, a warm and deep scent will dispel the cold of the winter. Let’s check top 5 perfumes for this Christmas 2018 – the perfect suggestions for you! ACQUA DI …

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How To Treat Gastric Ulcer By Russian Pomegranate Peel

pomegranate peel is an oriental medicine

There are many traditional remedies and oriental medicines that can treat gastric ulcer; however, according to the Russian, using dried pomegranate peel for treating gastric ulcer is a simple and effective way. All Know-How will share with you how to treat gastric ulcer by pomegranate peel. Gastric ulcer is one of …

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Best Ways To Use Olive Oil For Babies

olive oil contains lots of vitamins

Olive oil is well known for its good effects for health, skin, and hair. Not only used for cooking, but olive oil also is used with many benefits for baby. It is a fat obtained by processing olives – a traditional tree Mediterranean Basin, named Olea Europaea. Olive oil is …

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Goby Braised With Pepper And Pumpkin Flower Soup For Dinner

meal plan for dinner

In this article, All Know-How would like to introduce to you a meal plan for the daily menu. Let’s enjoy your dinner with goby braised with pepper and pumpkin flower soup. Tonight, All Know-How suggest you these following dishes: – Goby braised with pepper – Pumpkin flower soup with grilled …

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