Mostar Neretva Old Bridge- Balkan Travel
Mostar Neretva Old Bridge- Balkan Travel

Balkan Travel Blog: Explore Balkan – A Jewel In Southeastern Europe

Balkan Travel Blog: Explore Balkan – A Jewel In Southeastern Europe

The Balkans, or the Balkan Peninsula, which is a geographic area in southeastern Europe, is known as a travel heaven whoever must go. Now let’s go with All Know-How to experience Balkan travel!

Belgrade - one of the oldest cities in Europe
Belgrade – one of the oldest cities in Europe

The Balkans stretches from Bulgaria to eastern Serbia. The Balkans has a history of ups and downs, special geographic location, various cultural heritages and diverse landscapes.
According to statistics from the European Travel Commission, the Balkans is an “emerging star” that attracts many visitors thanks to the beautiful scenery and lower cost than other regions.

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Salzburg City (Austria)

Salzburg City
Salzburg City

The heritage city – Salzburg is a fascinating city by its beautiful landscapes and ancient architectures. This lovely city makes us love at first sight.
Nonntal Street, Hellbrunn Castle, Hellbrunn Boulevard, Mozart House … are the pride of the local people. The most impressive thing is the Salzburg fortress – where visitors can admire the overview of the city and the majestic Alps.

salzburg fortress, majestic Alps
Salzburg fortress – visitors can admire the overview of the city and the majestic Alps

Moreover, the brilliant sunshine makes pedestrians passionate to take a stroll on the banks of the river to see the old town. They also prefer to come to the square of Salzburg and attend the very interesting outdoor music concerts. When the weather is cold, nothing is as romantic as sipping a cup of hot coffee and watching the yellow leaves fall.

Bled Lake (Slovenia)

Bled Lake
Bled Lake – Balkan Travel

Near the famous destinations such as Italy, Hungary … Slovenia is not inferior to other countries about the beautiful scenery. The most famous is Bled Lake – a jade formed from Ice Age. Surrounding the lake, the majestic Julian Alps and the lush jungle make the painting more poetic.

Lake Bled
Lake Bled – Unique Places Around the World

In summer, the lake is very beautiful due to its clear water with the mountain’s shadow on the lake surface. It creates the fanciful scenery. The oldest castle in Slovenia is situated on a cliff, which has overlooking out the lake, becomes a popular tourist attraction. On the path to the castle, you will admire the blue water, swans swim and the castle shadow shines twinkly.

Plitvice Lake (Croatia)

The National Park – Plitvice Lake
The National Park – Plitvice Lake

The green color of the lake, the majestic white waterfall, the greenish color of the forest … all converge in the National Park – Plitvice Lake. The most beautiful place is the groups of Plitvice Lake with 16 beautiful small lakes. The water in the lake is clear and deep blue, which reflects the sky and grass.

Fall in Love with Mostar (Bosnia & Herzegovina)

Mostar (Bosnia & Herzegovina) at night
Mostar (Bosnia & Herzegovina) at night

Located near Neretva Huadu River, Mostar is as beautiful as in a fairy tale. The symbol of the city is the ancient bridge – Stari Most. Built in 1557 during the heyday of the Ottoman Empire, this ancient bridge has been recognized as a World Heritage Site.

In addition, enjoying a peaceful breakfast and watching the quiet Naretva River are things you should do when you come here.
Moreover, you should try to experience street snacks or local restaurants here.

Belgrade City (Serbia)

Belgrade Serbia View from Old Castle Entrance
Belgrade Serbia View from Old Castle Entrance

In Serbian, Belgrade means “White City” because many of the buildings here are built from beautiful white stones.
One of Europe’s oldest cities is located at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers. It brings the harmony between the ancient and modern features of a new city.

Especially, you will be amazed at the magnificent symphony of architecture with different styles.
Belgrade Fortress, Pobednik Victory Monument, Republic Square, Kalemegdan Park … are some of the highlight destinations that you must go.

Budapest (Hungary) – Danube River’s Blue Jade

Budapest – Danube River’s Blue Jade
Budapest – Danube River’s Blue Jade

The unique point of the capital of Hungary is the difference between the two cities Buda and Pest on the banks of the Danube river.
If Buda is on the left side bank and has many magnificent castles, on the right side bank, Pest owns medieval ancient buildings.
That connecting these two cities is nine bridges across the Danube River. It brings its own beauty whenever the sunset falls. This is also an ideal time for visitors to travel Balkan and go on a cruise on the Danube river, and admire magnificent buildings.

Santorini island - Balkan Peninsula Travel
Santorini island – Balkan Travel

The charming beauty of the city is always in your soul. Once setting foot in this city, Allknow-how ensures that you don’t want to come back.

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