Beautiful Eye Makeup

Beautiful Eye Makeup: Tips From Makeup Artists

Beautiful eye makeup will make us look more natural and beautiful, making us more attractive. With some small tips from famous makeup artists All Know-How shares in this article, beautiful eye makeup will become easier than ever.

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Beautiful Eye Makeup

Using Concealer As Eyeshadow

Beautiful Eye Makeup
The concealer helps the eyeshadow to well cling to skin with standard color


Beautiful Eye Makeup
Using concealer as eyeshadow also saves money

A makeup artist of Kim Kardashian – a TV star, Mario Dedivanovic, recommends for using concealer as the eyeshadow for beautiful eye makeup. As a base layer, the concealer helps the eyeshadow to well cling to skin with standard color. In addition, using concealer also saves money which you have to pay for buying eyeshadow.

Tips For Applying Mascara For Long And Thick Eyelashes

Beautiful Eye Makeup


Beautiful Eye Makeup
Apply mascara in a corect way makes eyes look thicker and longer


Beautiful Eye Makeup
However, we should not use too much the amount of mascara

The next step in curling eyelashes is grooming mascara. Expert Lauren Urasek recommends for applying mascara in a different way. Instead of grooming from root to tip of eyelashes, we groom the tip of eyelashes. Then, groom from the root to the tip. This is because eyelashes will look more curve and thicker.
Moreover, Lauren also notes that we should not apply mascara too much. Usually, the taken amount of mascara once is enough; however, sometimes it is excess. In case we use too much mascara, our eyelashes look less natural and the excess mascara will clump.

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The Secret Of Applying False Eyelashes Naturally

Beautiful Eye Makeup


Beautiful Eye Makeup
The new makeup method makes false eyelashes look more natural

Makeup artist of singer Ariana Grande, Daniel Chinchilla suggests that we should not use false eyelashes which are too long and thick. The new makeup method is connecting two pairs of false eyelashes with natural length by a transparent bandage. Daniel applies this secret to the performers and celebrities who often attend daily events.

Using The Serum To Treat Dark Circles Before Using The Concealer

Beautiful Eye Makeup
It is necessary to have more intensive care step for dark circles before other makeup steps


Beautiful Eye Makeup
Serum tightens up the skin and reduces lumps immediately

Dark circles are in the thinnest and most sensitive skin on the face. Therefore, it is necessary to have more intensive care step for dark circles, especially since they are hidden usually hide under a makeup layer. According to Charlotte Tilbury, a famous makeup artist, serum tightens up the skin and reduces lumps immediately. We should wait about 1 minute for the serum to penetrate completely before starting the next steps.

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Tips For Liquid Eyeliner

Beautiful Eye Makeup
Liquid Eyeliner is not as difficult as many girls think


Beautiful Eye Makeup
Try new tips for beautiful liquid eyeliner

Charlotte Tilbury again suggests some tips for beautiful liquid eyeliner. Though many girls feel cautious about liquid eyeliner, they also want to conquer it. Firstly, for a complete eyelid, we begin from the inside to three-quarters of the eyelid. After that, put a small dot at the point where we would like the tail to stop. Finally, connect that point to the line which we have finished before. That ‘s all for the liquid eyeliner step.

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Using Ultraviolet-color Mascara For Asian Skin

Beautiful Eye Makeup
Ultraviolet color on the yellow skin has a very good contrast, making the whole face looks bright


Beautiful Eye Makeup
Ultraviolet color is also the year 2018’s color

Jason Lee Jin Su is a makeup artist who once collaborated with the Korean of Get It Beauty and Project Runway. This makeup artist running other makeup artists at Korea Fashion Week, etc also shares some tips for beautiful eye makeup. That is utilizing ultraviolet-color mascara for Asian skin instead of brown or black one. He says that the ultraviolet color on the yellow skin has a very good contrast, making the whole face looks bright. Additionally, ultraviolet color is also the year 2018’s color, and choosing a special mascara bottle is a good way to catch up with this trend.

With these above tips for beautiful eye makeup, All Know-How hopes that women will know how to make up eyes, making them more attractive and more beautiful.

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