guava leaf benefits to our body

Benefits Of Guava Leaves – Best Herb Against Cancer And Diabetes

If you don’t know, guava leaf against cancer and diabetes, moreover, it can support people to treat diarrhea, obesity, and cancer diseases such as stomach and prostate.
According to Medical daily, guava leaf is a natural anti-oxidant including acid tannic, quercetin, and flavonoids, a natural anti-inflammatory biocide. Drinking guava tea brings lots of health benefits to our body.

benefits of guava leaves
Benefits of guava leaves

Guava leaf tea for treating diarrhea

Drinking soaked guava leaf in water or its oil with warm water can cure diarrhea effectively.
According to a study published in 2008 on Smooth Muscle Research, guava leaf oil can lessen diarrhea – an amazing medicine from nature.

guava leaf benefits to our body

Guava leaf tea for losing weight

Guava leaf can moderate the metabolism speed of starch into the fat of our body. Therefore, it can support livers for absorbing less fatty acid, helping the body lose weight.

guava leave tea for losing weight

Guava leaf tea against diabetes

In the Nutrition and Metabolism magazine 2010, guava leaf can prevent diabetes effectively.
Drinking guava leaf tea improves our digestion and metabolism. Hence, it makes bad cholesterol drop to a level that cannot risk our health. For that reason, the guava leaf tea is a good choice for cardiovascular system protection.

cooked guava leaf tea for health

Guava leaf tea for curing toothache

If toothaches suddenly come without any dentist around, you can totally use guava leaf tea to help you lessen the pain. To explain, guava leaf includes astringents that tighten gums and teeth root, making the pain disappear temporarily.

guava leave is a good natural remedy

Guava leaf tea for curing allergy

In a research carried out in 1999 and published on Journal of Ethnopharmacology magazine indicated that essences in guava leaf inhibit the Staphylococcus aureus growth (the cause of respiratory disease, skin infection, and food poisoning).

guava leaves for tea cure allergy

Guava leaf tea helps livers strong

Scientists of Krupanidhi University of Medicine and Pharmacy (India) researched and carried out an experiment: feed mice with starch extracted from guava leaf, after a time, they found that these mice had less liver damage than others.
As a result, they concluded: starch extracted from guava leaf can protect our liver from outside damage. The anti-oxidant in this leaf help liver against bad elements.

health benefits of guava leaf

Guava leaf tea against stomach and prostate cancer

Research shows that the lycopene, quercetin, and vitamin C in guava leaf are strong anti-oxidant, inhibiting the growth of tumors.
A study in Food Chemistry in 2011 demonstrated that essences from guava leaf can stop stomach cancer cells.
Besides, the lycopene is an important nutrient preventing breast cancer, prostate and throat cancer. It inhibits exceeded androgen production, maintaining the hormonal balance and preventing cancer.
Moreover, some studies indicated that using guava leaf for bathing will prevent hair loss, limit blackhead and other skin infections.
If you chew guava leaf or rinse your mouth with guava leaf water, you will improve your oral health, including lessening toothaches and gingivitis.

guava leaf tea against cancer

How to make guava leaf tea

According to Livestrong, after having fresh guava leave, wash it then soak in 500ml of hot water from 5 to 10 minutes, drink it in morning and night.
Some notices when drinking guava leaf tea
– For some people, it can lead to constipation symptoms, especially expected mothers shouldn’t drink it.
– For those who are taking diabetes or diarrhea medicine should ask the doctor before drinking.