best clay face mask for skin

Best Clay Face Mask To Detoxify You Can Make At Home

Clay face mask is used to detoxify is the common method that is applied by many people. Because air pollution is one of the reasons causing acne on the skin.
In thousands of skin cleaning products on the market, natural face mask in general and the clay face mask, in particular, is the first choice in the skincare process of the woman. Because it helps detoxify, remove dirt and treat acne effectively.

Best Clay Face Masks

Clay face mask can detoxify, remove dirt and mucus, bring a healthy skin for the woman

It is not difficult to see that nowadays clay is the main ingredients in skincare products on the market.

Best Clay Face Masks
Depending on the skin of each person, we choose the suitable kind of clay. There are many types of clay to care skin such as bentonite, white clay, yellow clay, pink clay, green clay, and Maroc.

The benefit of clay face mask is undeniable. It makes skin clean, reduce oily skin, clear pores as well as prevent acne. Clay mark is very suitable for people having oily skin. However, instead of costing much money to buy a clay mask, you can make it at home as the following methods.

1. Aloe clay face mask

Aloe is the common ingredient to beauty in daily life. In addition to being used as a food to detoxify the body, it is also used as a gel, skin nourishing mask. Pure aloe is likely to soothe the sunburned skin and to provide moisture to the skin.

Best Clay Face Masks
Aloe clay mask not only the clean skin but also complement vitamins and humidity to the skin.

A small branch of aloe( washed clean and removed peel)
1 spoon of clay
2 spoons of green tea
Put aloe in a bow and crush it. Add clay and green tea water to the bow to mix them together. You wash your face then dab the masks mixture onto the skin. After 20 minutes you wash your face.



Best Clay Face Masks
A smooth skin for you with using aloe clay mask

2. Rose water clay mask

Rose water can effectively tighten the pores. You can use available rose water or make it at home. Rose water clay mask makes skin brighter and tightens the pores.

Best Clay Face Masks

2 spoons of clay + 2 spoons of rose water. Using this mixture in 15 minutes on your skin


Best Clay Face Masks
In order to effectively use the rose water clay masks, You can use hot steam to make pores on facial skin open up, using towels to dry the facial skin, then put the mask onto the skin.

3. Activated charcoal Clay Masks

In fact, the activated carbon is very good for the skin. People often commonly use it in the skin beautifying masks in advanced countries. It is the perfect detox your face needs to unclog blocked pores and deep cleanse your skin from deep within. It also gives you a healthy skin and prevents acne.

best clay face mask
Activated charcoal or activated carbon is good at cleansing skin

Best Clay Face Mask

Firstly, you have to rinse the skin, then mix the active charcoal powder and clay mask in a ratio of 1:1. After that, you add 2 tablespoons of warm water then stir well the ingredients together. Rubbing the activated charcoal clay mask all over the face, relaxing for 20 minutes, then rinsing face with water.

4. Oatmeal Clay Mask

People often use oats for skin whitening and anti-aging with high effectiveness. The Combination between oatmeal and clay, you’ll get a great antioxidant mask mixture.

Best Clay Face Mask
Skin will be white smooth thanks to Oatmeal Clay Mask

Best Clay Face Clay

You mix a spoon of oat and a spoon of clay. Then you add a little warm water and harmony them until getting the smooth mixture. Rubbing it over your skin and waiting for 20 minutes. After that, you have to cleanse with warm water. You will feel the difference in skin, skin is smoother and brighter visible.

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5. Green tea clay mask

Green tea is one of the best anti-oxidant skin care ingredients. It also helps effectively treat acne. Using green tea helps your skin brighter, healthier, decrease acne and prevent wrinkle in your face.

Besr Clay Face Mask
You will get healthy skin without acne if you use green tea each day. Especially, green tea also prevents your skin against sunlight.

best clay face mask

Mix one spoon of pure green tea with 2 spoons of clay. Add a few of water into that mixture. Stir all ingredients together, you will get a mixture to detoxify effectively.
Note: You should find out if the material is the clean and clear origin or not before purchasing. At the same time, before you use any clay masks with the skin, To make sure that you are not allergic, do a test on a small patch of skin.

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