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Best Diet To Lose Weight For Fans Of Food

Can culinary passion combine with an effective weight loss diet? As a fan of food, we never refuse the afternoon tea with cake and cream. However, instead of always claiming, we try to look for the best diet to lose weight and suitable exercises to burn abundant fats. How about you? Now, let’s go with All Know-How to explore the best diet to lose weight even for whom love food strongly.

Best Diet To Lose Weight: Healthy Diet Goals

One of the reasons leading the failures of many people is lacking the clear goal. You only want to reduce the waist measurement to wear a beautiful dress, or to get a perfect body like Emily Ratajkowski. However, if you don’t have a clear goal, you will not able to apply the diet or exercises effectively to lose weight.
The first thing when setting up weight loss is always the practicality. In order to lose weight, especially fat, we need time, intention and finance. Most of us are busy with a job, family life and not much money to spend hundreds of millions for personal coaches and dietitian like stars, models.
Therefore, you should set weight loss goals now and do it which depends on your finance and living habits. The coordination of diet, exercises, and health care will bring the success in the weight-loss process. If you want to have a perfect body, diet is the fastest method.

weight-loss diet
Perfect body


Diet does not mean reducing diet, it means eating regimen. It can be said that diet contributes 70% to the success of beautifying. Nowadays, there are many different weight loss methods, especially low-carb, Slimming World, keto or clean diet. In fact, even if you choose any weight loss methods, the weight-loss principle is still ” input less than output”. You should eat less than energy consumption. Because this leads to burn the reserved energy and lose weight. Using diet-exercise management software such as My FitnessPal support high psychological effectiveness. When you write down food intake preparation and follow the amount of food you eat each day, you will know that there is an invisible pressure making you eat healthier. Nowadays, there are 2 common diet methods:

weight-loss diet
The menu on the diet method

Low Carb Meal

Low carb when you eat more starch, your body will produce more glucose. Therefore, your body does not burn fat and glucose will be converted into fat. In contrast, when you cut down the amount of starch (not completely eliminate), the body will find the available energy such as fat. Low carb is always a part of the diet of big stars.
• Pros: low cost, high efficiency
• Cons: Following difficultly because the main dish of Vietnamese is rice, which is a rich carb dish. You do not allow to eat all kinds of dishes which are too sweet such as milk tea. This seems to be unbelievable on a hot day with many milk tea shops around you.
• Tips: You restrict fruits with high sugar as bananas. In addition, you should reduce the total amount of food each day. Not because of low-carb you eat too much of the healthy food but rich in calories like nuts and cereals.

weight-loss diet
The menu based on low carb method


Keto is low carb and high-fat method. This method pushes our body into ketosis status. Our body is very clever. When we cut down the intake of starch and provide a large amount of fat, the body will burn ketone instead of glucose. Thereby it will burn the amount of excess fat in the body. Therefore this is an effective “fat reduction” method. This method helps us reduce the waist as well as the percentage of the body ‘s fat. It is better than the usual low carb method when we combine with some exercises.
• Pros: You can eat cheese, milk, and seeds as much as you want.
• Cons: Many people think that with keto they can eat meat instead of starch comfortably as well as eat fried food with high-calorie content.
• Tips: The golden ratio of keto is: 5% carb, 25% protein, and 70% fat. In vegetables and fruit, there is a certain starch portion. Keto gains the best effect when you take the carb from the vegetables. The fitness and diet app can measure the amount of carb in different foods so you don’t forget to measure it. Avocado berries, kinds of nut, Greek yogurt as well as green vegetables are suitable for keto.

weight-loss diet
The menu based on keto method

Low-fat Food

healthy meal prep ideas for weight loss
Healthy meal prep ideas for weight loss – Best diet to lose weight

A big mistake is that many people think eating low-fat food will help lose weight. Actually, when you eat too much starch, the excess amount will convert into fat in the body. These fats from non-fried oils, grains or yogurt are good for your health and skin. However, there are many types of low-fat products in the market which contain a high amount of sugar to ensure customer tastes. Therefore, eating low-fat foods may make you increase your weight.

In addition, you can plan meals in advance to save your time and make sure that you eat healthily but not lack of nutrients. Wish you succeed in weight loss journey!

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