best movies of all time
best movies of all time

Best Movies Of All Time: 10 Movies Make Your Life Optimistic Part II

Life is like a beautiful melody of a song with the harmony of high notes of happiness and low notes of quietness. Although your life full of ups and downs, you always remember that this life is very beautiful. Let’s enjoy and keep the value of life through All Know-How‘s following list of best movies of all time.

Eat, Pray, Love (2010)

Eat Pray Love Movie Review
Best movies of all time: Eat Pray Love Movie Review

Eat, pray, love, which is adapted from a memoir. Eat pray love novel that is written by Elizabeth Gilbert, is a “savior” for those who feel confused. This film reflects the author’s life (Liz) on the journey to find the balance after many events. Liz is unlucky in love, and she cannot understand herself, she also does not have the enthusiasm. Facing the dark future, she decides to travel to Italy, and Bali (Indonesia) to find a new beginning.

Liz spends time eating delicious dishes, praying and beginning a love as a way to find happiness. She comes to Italy and is attracted by the diversity of cuisine culture of this country. Enjoying delicious dishes helps Liz overcome the depression. Then, Liz goes to India to find peace in her heart. After from India, the next destination is Bali. In here, she learns the way to love and trust again. With Liz, the definition of love is not only her feelings for the man she respected but also loving life, natural, friends and herself. Watching eat, pray, love, it is very easy for us to see ourselves in that film.

Because we often spend all the youth to find a perfect life, but one day, we will feel that is very ridiculous. After that, we require quiescence and time to relax. Elizabeth Gilberts ‘ interesting journey also shows a new way of looking at the life and the image of an independent woman who dares defy everything to find a way for herself.

The Intouchables – Untouchable (2011)

best movies of all time
Best movies of all time: The Intouchables – Untouchable (2011)

The Intouchables is a film produced by two talented directors (Olivier neckache and éric Toledano), based on the true story with the participation of two actors (François Cluzet and Omar Sy). This film tells the meeting between Driss, a prisoner has been released for 6 months because of robbing, and Philippe, a rich man but he is disabled because of an accident. Driss works at Philippe’s home as a person to be his live-in carer. Driss still thinks that he cannot succeed in applying for this job, but Philippe agrees because of Driss’s attitude. Driss happily laughs at Philippe instead of the pity.

That is the reason why Philippe let Driss work for him and do not care about Driss’s past in prison. Over time, Driss and Philippe become closer. Philippe gives Driss to access to classical music and painting, while Driss encourages Philippe to make a phone for his girlfriend whom he has not met for a long time.

This film with simple content shows the deep human value in love of a person with others. In any relationship, the respect and sincerity are the most important. Although Driss has to care for a disabled person, he has never discriminated. Philippe knows Driss’ past, he also believes in Driss and helps Driss approach many better values. The beautiful friendship which is built from simple things in daily life helps this film have a large number of views (only less than Welcome to the Sticks 2008’s views) after 9 weeks of releasing. It also nominated in many prestigious awards among which are 8César prizes. Omar Sy also received the César Award for Best Actor.

50/50 (2011)

best movies of all time
Best movies of all time: 50/50 (2011)

The film is inspired by the process a person fight against cancer but it brings a completely different feeling. It is the true experience of Will Reiser-screenwriter of the film when he faced this disease. In this film, Adam Lerner(Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is in the most beautiful stage of life with success in career, sweet love with beautiful girlfriends and a lavish life. Adam seems to have nothing to complain about this life. But suddenly one day, he knows he has Spinal Cord Melanoma and he completely collapses. The luxury parties are instead of radiotherapy. The most precious thing for Adam is the chance to live instead of contracts. 50/50 is a comedy-drama film with the combination between the humor and life’s philosophy. Life always has unexpected things, so we should how to care for our health, have a positive lifestyle and feel happy with this life.

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