Best dishes in the beach city - Busan, Korea

Busan Korean Food: Best 6 Dishes In Beach City – Busan

With the fresh beach air and the bustling nightlife, the second biggest city of Korea – Busan – is one of the favorite destinations of tourists. Busan Korean Food is special, if you have a chance, don’t miss the top best 6 dishes in the beach city – Busan.

1. Pork soup (Dwaeji Gukbap)

Pork soup dwaeji gukbap - Busan Korean Food
Busan Korean Food: Pork soup Dwaeji Gukbap

Dwaeji Gukbap is a famous delicious cuisine of Busan. It is simply soup with sliced pork, rice and spring onions looked tasty in milky-white color. Depending on what you like, you can eat with side dishes like banchan: onions, chili peppers, garlic, leeks, Kimchi or Saeujeot (fermented shrimp), Chogochujang (chili sauce with vinegar) or ssamjang (spicy tofu). If you want to try, come to the Gyeongju Gukbap where serves you delicious Dwaeji Gukbap with 7.000 won.

2. Cold Noodle – Milmyeon

Cold noodle milmyeon - Busan Korean Food
Cold noodle Milmyeon – Busan Korean Food

After playing or sun-bathing on the sandy beach, let’s cool it down with Milmyeon – cold noodle only in Busan. Milmyeon is a Busan Korean noodle of long and thin handmade noodles made from the starch of buckwheat and sweet potatoes. The soup is made from bones and chilled to the freezing. People serve Milmyeo in a large stainless-steel bowl with cucumbers, pickled radishes, carrots and the sweet and sour sauce Chogochujang, and either of some sliced pork or a boiled egg. Drop by the Milmyeon Jeonmunjeom to taste a bowl of the best Milmyeon in Busan with only 6.000 won.

3. Sliced Raw Fish

Sliced raw fish - Busan Korean Food
Sliced raw fish – Busan Korean Food

Another dish is a plate of thinly sliced raw seafood eaten with side dishes such as Korean chili sauce, wasabi or soy sauce. You can wrap it with salad then cover the sauce on or try Sannakji – raw octopus if your dare as their wiggled tentacles will stick with your tongue. Gaebul, a kind of worm living under the sea, is also a thing for the braver. The Jackie’s Seafood restaurant inside the fish market Jagalchi is a good suggestion with the price of 40.000 won.

4. Steamed Pork Shank – Naengchae Jokbal

Delicious steamed pork shank - Busan Korean Food
Delicious steamed pork shank – Busan Korean Food

Near the BIFF Square is the Jokbal Golmol or the Pig Feet Alley area. All restaurants here serve the Naengchae Jokbal – chilled pork shank. After that, they cook the trotters slowly with soy sauce, gingers, onions, and a little sugar until it is soft then cut into slices. This dish is eaten with carrot slices, cucumber slices, spring onions and mustard covered on. At any restaurants, a Naengchae Jokbal dish is about 30.000 won for 3 or 4 people.

5. Skewered fishcake – Eomuk

skewered fishcake eomuk - Busan Korean Food
Skewered fishcake Eomuk – Busan Korean Food

Next, Eomuk or Odeng is an extremely popular street food in Korea and especially tasty in Busan. It is made from salted fish, then the salted fish is ground and cooked slowly. The pieces of fish are cut into different shapes. At Busan, you will see the Eomuk on skewers, which is soaked in soup and eaten with side dishes. Let’s try Eomuk at the Samjin Fish Cake, where serves a variety of dishes like fishcakes, shrimp cakes, sausages and cheese with the fluctuated price between 500 to 5.000 won.

6. Sweet Seed-Stuffed Pancake – Ssiat Hotteok

sweet seed-stuffed pancake - Busan Korean Food
Sweet seed-stuffed pancake – Busan Korean Food

Finally, Ssiat Hotteok is a sweet pancake type with a variety of different seeds filling. Hotteok is extremely popular in Korea, which is stuffed with almond, peanut, and chestnut. Especially in Busan, Hotteok is often stuffed with a spoonful of pine nuts, sunflower, pumpkin seeds, sugar, and cinnamon. You can find this cheap and addictive dish at the BIFF Square, the Gukje market and around the Seomyon are with only 1.000 won.

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