12 Best Winter Nail Colours 2018

winter nail colours 2018

Have you ever try all of the “hot” winter nail trends? All Know-How hopes that the following 12 best winter nail colours 2018 will help you become more attractive in the fall-winter of this year. 1. Nail attached Rhinestones With people who love the complicated from each small details such as …

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Nail Care Tips – 5 Tips For Healthy Nails

Nail Care Tips

Nail care tips are those of the main concerns of women as everyone wishes to have beautiful nails. However, the process of making nails leads skin to be scratched, resulting in many skin problems. In addition, when we make nails, the chemicals are very harmful to our nails. Besides, these …

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Simple Nail Art Designs: 7 simple nail designs in 2018

simple nail art designs

Take a look at fashion week catwalks, we can predict 7 simple nail art designs which will become more popular with this spring. Beautiful and elegant nail designs will become a fashion trend of the 2018 year. Different trends come and go, however, some simple beautiful nail art designs remain …

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Smoky Teal Nail Polish – Color Trend In Autumn/Winter 2018

Smoky Teal Nail Polish

Smoky Teal nail polish with the iridescent effect creates not only the tranquil and classic but also splendid and prominent feelings. This is predicted as the color trend in this Autumn. Smoky Teal nail polish in the standard color creates the tranquil and classic but luxurious and unique tone. Smoky …

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