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Benefits Of Guava Leaves – Best Herb Against Cancer And Diabetes

guava leaf benefits to our body

If you don’t know, guava leaf against cancer and diabetes, moreover, it can support people to treat diarrhea, obesity, and cancer diseases such as stomach and prostate. According to Medical daily, guava leaf is a natural anti-oxidant including acid tannic, quercetin, and flavonoids, a natural anti-inflammatory biocide. Drinking guava tea …

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How Does Gac Fruit Protect The Liver?


Lycopene is highly considered an antioxidant with 10 times as powerful as Vitamin E, which protects the liver from harmful free radicals. Nowadays, the main source of Lycopene in the world is from tomato extraction. However, Gac fruit – also called baby jackfruit or spiny bitter gourd, is a common fruit. …

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How To Treat Gastric Ulcer By Russian Pomegranate Peel

pomegranate peel is an oriental medicine

There are many traditional remedies and oriental medicines that can treat gastric ulcer; however, according to the Russian, using dried pomegranate peel for treating gastric ulcer is a simple and effective way. All Know-How will share with you how to treat gastric ulcer by pomegranate peel. Gastric ulcer is one of …

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Natural Remedies For Sinus Infection – 6 Traditional Remedies

natural remedies for sinus infection

According to the statistics, about 25-30% of patients having to see the doctor for ears-nose-throat examination have sinusitis. Besides some symptoms such as stuffy nose, pains, and pus, sinusitis can lead to other serious diseases that cause blindness or death. There are many natural remedies for sinus infection including traditional …

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