where to visit in Chiangmai Thailand

Chiang Mai Travel: Where to visit in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai is one of the most attractive and beautiful cities in Thailand. Not like Bangkok or Pattaya, this place embraces a tranquil scenery and a slow pace of life. Let’s see where to visit in Chiang Mai.

where to visit in Chiangmai Thailand

1. Phu Ping Palace – Summer Palace

Situated at the peak of the Suthep mountainous area, therefore, the weather here is cool and fresh all day. The palace campus is decorated with lots of colorful and fragrant flowers along the way. They take care of flowers carefully so they bloom all year.

Phu Ping Palace is an attractive destination in ChiangMai
The palace area is quite large and has many rare trees. Sometimes, the Thai royal families come here for a rest. The Thai people always adore and respect royal. Therefore, they visit the palace with respect from their heart.

Phu Ping palace plants many colorful flowers

2. Elephant camp

30 km from Chiang Mai city, the Mae Sa elephant camp is nestled between a green forest and a picturesque valley with river and mountains around. This is a home of more than 70 domesticated elephants. Every day, people let these elephants bath on the river, feed them, train and play with them.

people take a bath for elephants in Elephant camp
Tourists are excited when they saw these clever elephants play football. Come here, you can ride these elephants to visit around the camp and enjoy the enthralling scenery. Moreover, if you are interested, you can learn how to ride a big elephant.

Visit Elephant camp in Chiangmai

3. Phrathat Doi Suthep Temple

Phrathat Doi Suthep temple is over 600 years old. It is located on Doi Suthep hill, where is considered as the most sacred place in Chiang Mai as the locals believe their ancestor live on the hill. Visit the temple, tourists have to climb over 309 high stairs with solemn dragon heads on both sides.

Phrathat Doi Suthep Temple in chiangmai
The temple campus is large, tourists can see sparkling lights from high gilded stupas far away. Otherwise, you can also get there by cable car. You should start your journey from the dawn to admire the beautiful landscape when passing through romantic and tranquil roads to Doi Suthep.

gilded stupa in Phrathat Doi Suthep temple

4. Pudang Village

Chiang Mai is the home of many ethnic groups with diverse cultures. One of the ethnic groups you should visit is the long neck. You can come to Pudang village at Chiang Dao cave area or the Karen village near Doi Suthep. Women of the village have a longer neck than usual with dozens of necklace wrapped around their neck.

Pudang village is known as the long neck village
According to the custom, when they were girls, they have started to wear these bronze necklaces around their necks, wrists, and ankles. Travel to Chiang Mai, you can bay some bracelets as souvenirs, visit some ancient houses and find out about the customs and traditions of the local here.

impressive long neck woman in pudang, thailand

women in pudang wear bronze necklaces

5. Baan Kang Wat Village

Once you come to Chiang Mai, don’t forget Baan Kang Wat village. It looks like a tiny ecosystem with small coffees, restaurants, and stores buying lots of lovely handicrafts.

Baan Kang Wat village in Chiang Mai Thailand
Tourist can go sightseeing, join drawing club, yoga or making handicrafts such as notebooks or statues. The pace of life in Baan Kang Wat is slow and peaceful, different from the busy and crowded life out there. This is the best place for people who want a slower pace of living and peace.

a beautiful house in Baan Kang Wat ChiangMai

6. Bazaar Night Market

Bazaar night market open from 18h to 24h every day and it is always crowded. The Thai people make many kinds of beautiful handicrafts then sell them at the night market. You can also find other products of Chiang Mai and northern provinces of Thailand. You can see not only cheap and impressive things but also friendly and adorable traders. Additionally, you must try and enjoy various Thai cuisines here to know how delicious it is. Or you just relax by coming over then experiencing Thai massage.

night market Bazaar in Chiangmai Thailand

bustling night market Bazaar

tasty cuisine in night market bazaar
What a lovely life in Chiang Mai! Why don’t you visit and get the best experiences there?