disney world attractions
disney world attractions

Disney World Attractions From Disney Cartoons In Real Life

Have you ever wished to live in the fairytale’s world in Disney’s cartoons? Let’s find out some Disney world attractions in real life that inspired Disney cartoons with All Know-How.

1. Paris, France – “Ratatouille”

First odd all, absolutely the fans of Chef Remy the mouse dream of visiting “The City of Light” once after watching the movie “Ratatouille”. In the cartoon, Paris not only appears as the colorful magnificent city but also the paradise of the best food in the world.

a scenery of Paris in Ratatouille
Disney World Attractions From Disney Cartoons In Real Life

Disney locations the scenery of Ratatouille in real life

2. Callanish Stones, Scotland – “Brave”

Secondly, Callanish is considered as the ancient stones that embrace a lot of the most mysterious western Europe stories. People determine that these stones have existed for 3 billion years. Archaeologists concluded this is a center to celebrate important religious ceremonies of old tribes. The movie “Brave” is shot on location in Callanish when the princess Mirinda takes her mother to break the curse of turning into an animal.

Callanish in Disney movie Brave

disney locations Callanish stones in real life

3. Sydney, Australia – “Finding Nemo”

Sydney – the big city – is the most famous and longstanding city of Australia. The marvelous scenery of the city inspired Disney’s filmmakers to set “Finding Nemo”. Moreover, it is the itinerary of the clownfish Marlin with another fish Dory to find his son Nemo. Two symbols of the city are the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge appeared incredibly in this excellent cartoon.

Sydney in disney movie Finding Nemo

Disney locations Sydney in real life

4. The castle Neuschwanstein, Germany – “Sleeping Beauty”

King Ludwig ordered to build the castle Neuschwanstein, which is situated in the height of 1000 meters compared to the sea level. The castle also follows the Roman architecture and locates at the southwest of Bavaria, near Germany – Austria border.

the castle in Sleepping beauty

disney locations the castle in sleeping beauty in real life

In addition, Disney chose the fairy beauty of this castle to be the background movie “Sleeping beauty”. This is where the princess Aurora falls into a long sleep in spite of the curse of the wizard Maleficent, after that, Prince Phillip comes and defeats Maleficent then kiss Aurora to save her from the curse.

5. Isalo Park, Madagascar – “Madagascar”

Isalo is one of the most famous parks in Madagascar possessing wild scenery and lots of rare animals. The park is well-known by the beauty of deep canyons, green oasis, and endless pastures.

madagascar in disney movie

Disney location - madagascar in real life

For these reasons, Isalo inspired filmmakers to be the context for the famous movie “Madagascar”. Additionally, it is home as well as where to start the adventure of the funny four friends Alex (the lion), Marty (the zebra), Melman (the giraffe) and Gloria (the hippopotamus).

6. The Narrow Bay Gairanger, Nauy – “Frozen”

Geiranger is a narrow bay in Nauy. This is the most beautiful and famous bay in the world. It is surrounded by steep forest areas – where has many abandoned farms and majestic waterfalls. Disney’s filmmakers based on the pristine beauty of this place for the kingdom of the queen Elsa in the blockbuster “Frozen”.

a part of Nauy in disney movie Frozen

Disney locations - Kingdom of Elsa queen in real life

7. The Forbidden City, Beijing, China – “Mulan”

Disney’s filmmakers chose the Forbidden City because of its ancient beauty to be the scenery for the movie “Mulan”. It is about a famous female general in the history of China – Mulan.

Forbidden City in Mulan Disney movie

disney locations - forbidden city in real life
Disney World Attractions – Forbidden city in real life