7 tips for Disney world parks visit
Disney theme park

Disney World Parks – The First Time To Visit

Have you ever come to visit Disney World parks which attract both children and adults over the world? All Know-How will share with you 7 tips that help you feel confident in the first time to visit Disney World parks.

Exploring The First Time To Visit Disney World Parks

Disney world park

Disney world park is one of the most famous Disney world attractions in the world. It attracts both children and adults and very suitable for a family trip. Nowadays, There are 12 Disney theme parks in North America, Europe, and Asia. These experiences will be very useful for you when you go there.

7 tips for Disney world park visit

1. Having a detailed plan

You should have a positioning plan. It is very useful for you to find down information about the schedule of visiting, playing at Disney theme parks. You can use Google to understand the structure of this park and a list of priority destinations based on the hobbies of each people.

7 tips for Disney world park visit

If you know some necessary information before, instead of beginning at the doors, as usual, you can start at the behind of this park and move in the opposite direction. This way helps you avoid the crowd in the morning. In addition, you can prevent unexpected situations, such as the making a placing agreement when someone is separated or got lost.

7 tips for Disney world park visit

2. Using FastPass

Disney FastPass is the freely additional part that accompanies the ticket. Using it helps you avoid standing in line for a long time to wait to involve games. FastPass allows you to set the participating time before 30 days. As a result, your schedule may shorten – instead of waiting for 1 hour, only 15 minutes.

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7 tips for Disney world park visit

3. Bringing water, foods

Disney theme park is open from the early morning, and most of the restaurants open pretty late, maybe until the noon. You should have a breakfast before arriving here to have enough energy and prepare snacks to eat when you feel hungry. You will move, for example, walking, so please bring water.

7 tips for Disney world park visit
Spoonuniversity.com, Orlandosentinel.com.

The food at Disney theme park is very attractive, but also quite expensive. However, you can save money by enjoying delicious dishes like cool ice cream at Storybook Treats, or a giant turkey thigh.

7 tips for Disney world park visit

4. Coming and leaving early

Coming early and leaving early if you want to avoid the crowd: to not be stuck at the entrance and exit of the park, the best way is that you should come soon and go out about before the dark. Many people come here early in the morning, but in the morning, people in this park is the most sparse.

7 tips for Disney world park visit

In the evening this park will have very spectacular fireworks, but if you don’t want to stand in the crowd, you should probably leave this park sooner.

Disney world park
Disney.go.com – Disney world parks

5. Let’s take photos by yourself

There are many professional photographers in the Disney theme park. They are ready to take you wonderful photos, especially with Disney’s symbols such as Cinderella castle.

7 tips for Disney world park visit

6. Limiting the expenditure

Disney theme park has many attractive things but all of them are expensive. There are many souvenir shops here. And you should restraint to save money.

7 tips for Disney world park visit

7. Predicting the weather’s changes

Sometimes the weather is not too good. You can bring umbrellas or raincoats. Even when it doesn’t rain, this raincoat will also help to avoid getting wet if you join in some water games like Splash Mountain.

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