Evan Le playing piano at the Little Big Shots

Evan Le – The Child Prodigy Called “Little Mozart”

After 6 months learning piano since 2014, Evan Le joined in Vstar Kids – a competition for Vietnamese talented children from 6 – 15 years old living in America. When the organizing committee knew Evan Le – the prodigy child, they changed the rules for the competition by lowering the minimum age of candidates to 4 years old.

Evan Le was 4 years old knowing to play piano
At the Concerto Piano of MTAC on 1/4/2017 for children under 12 years old at Southern California, USA, they let Evan competed with other older children who learned piano, dancing and singing for a long time, but he was confident and achieved the third prize.

Evan Le prodigy music has the ability to play music since he was two and a half years

His full name is Evan Duy Quoc Le. He was born on 31/5/2011 at Torrance, California, USA. Though he was born with Vietnamese American and no traditional music, his musical talent completely developed by himself.
According to his family, one day, Brandon (5 years old) – his brother- wanted to buy a keyboard toy. While Brandon was playing randomly, Evan Le was playing each keyboard then listening to the sound carefully. After that, the family bought a real piano for his brother to practice. Surprisingly, it was a chance for Evan to show his gift talent when he was nearly 3 years old.

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the prodigy child Evan Le

Evan Le revealed his composing talent

Evan Le and his mother

Right at the first time to play piano, Evan Le played his own melodies. Whenever he wanted to show his piano skill for others, he did not play learned extravaganzas but his own music. He has the ability to read and remember the music sheet rapidly. Besides the composing talent, Evan surprised his teachers by the ability to remember the music sheet.
Right after that, Evan’s parents found him a music school, but all school just accepted students at the age of 5 as with the lower age, kids would get a hard time to play piano seriously. Then, his parents took him to the Russian Music Academy at Westminster, California. After watching Evan played in two minutes, Tuong Van – the lecturer accepted to train him right away.
When Evan Le was 4 years old and has just learned piano for 10 months but everyone considered him as a prodigy child when they watched him playing the music of Mozart, J.S. Bach, Beethoven, and Alberto Ginastera.
With the long-term experience in training children since 1996, Tuong Van the lecturer insisted that she has never seen such an amazing talent like Evan.
Every melody that teacher taught at once, Evan can repeat all the same. The lecturer was surprised and called him Little Mozart.

Evan Le playing piano at the Little Big Shots
In a show of NBC Little Big Shots, audiences were blow-minded when they looked Evan Le playing “Diem Xua” of a famous Vietnamese composer Trinh Cong Son.