Five young music talents

Five Young Music Talents – Hope For World’s Music

Five young music talents – the new music phenomenon just emerging have broken the music charts, stirring up the world’s music. Before talking about these five young music talents, let’s look back some revolutions in the past years.

So far, it is clear that 2016 is a fiercely booming year in the world’s music history. The veteran artists turn back, new artists emerge, continuously broken records, and audience bumper with great music products.

It all depends on the music revolution with the development of YouTube and online music services. The culmination of Apple’s launch of the Apple Music service, bringing online music from low-cost kids’ games to a considerable source of income in terms of money and performance for artists. Thanks to this, the world’s music gets rid of depending on the labels. Now, it is not necessary for young artists to find a record contract. They are able to comfortably create and directly search for audiences on social media or online music. As their audience reach a certain level, the record contracts and labels will probably find them. That is the reason why this year has witnessed the unprecedented appearance of young music talents, especially five young music talents at this time. Though they have just appeared, they break the charts, taking the phenomenon concept to a new level.

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Five young music talents

Therefore, in this article, All Know-How would like to introduce five young music talents who had made such a great phenomenon in the world’s music.

Zara Larsson

Anyone listening to Zara singing for the first time will be surprised: “Oh, Is Rihanna is singing?” Indeed, Zara’s voice is very similar to Rihanna’s, with an R & B accent is typical of the colored people. Zara is a girl with yellow hair, blue eyes, and white skin, coming from chilly Sweden. Being born in the late of 1997, she is now just 18 years old.

Five young music talents
Zara’s voice is very similar to Rihanna’s, with an R & B accent is typical of the colored people

However, she has had 10-years experience in the music industry since she won the first prize in the Talang Talent – the Swedish version of Got Talent. Since then, Zara has four singles which are at the top of the music list in Sweden and Nordic countries. In the past two years, this young talent had started to enter the UK-US market by re-releasing these singles. But it seemed that she had not made her best.

Five young music talents
Zara Larsson – a great diva would be in the future

In early 2016, Zara suddenly released Never Forget You singing with male artist MNEK. The song quickly became the song on the radio most in the UK. In addition, Zara Larsson performed the official song of the Euro season with David Guetta. And this was when People talk about the name Zara Larsson continuously during the summer in Europe. Recently, Zara’s single Ain’t My Fault made the world wobble. When Zara showed off her high notes, people realized that a great diva would be in the future. Now, her talent and caliber are beyond those of pop singer Rihanna and other great divas such as Ariana Grande or Jessie J. The year 2016 was just her start-up.

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Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan – one of five young music talents – was born in 1995, in South Africa; nevertheless, he was an Australian. In the summer in 2015, after a Sam Smith’s tweet about Troye, the name Troye Sivan appeared on all newspapers. However, even Troye drew attention from many people before Sam Smith complimented on Troye’s voice. Previously, his own YouTube channel had more than 4 million registers and 241 million views. Since 2014, Time magazine voted Troye as one of the 25 world’s most influential teenagers.

Five young music talents
Troye composes and produces the entire album by himself, making everyone admire him

This year 2016 becomes important: releasing his debut album Blue Neighborhood. Troye has chosen electro-pop and treats it so subtly and delicately. In addition, through it, he conveys the true youth’s feelings: lonely but independent, sad but strong, weak but not suppressed. Covering the whole album are thoughts and feelings of a guy older than his real age, confidently mastering his life. People admire Troye very much because he composes and produces the entire album by himself. Furthermore, Troye composed many songs when he was 15-16 years old. They are as great as other mature artists’. Troye also represents a new, self-reliant artist who does not support the wrong principles of the outdated entertainment industry. Indeed, he is open and proud of being gay. After the debut album, people are expecting a lot from a Troye Sivan, who is currently stirring the world’s music.

Five young music talents
He is open and proud of being gay

Hailee Steinfeld

The audience who love cinema can recognize this name. Born in 1996, Hailee Steinfeld has been highlighted as a talented actress. She received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress when she was 14 for her debut play in True Grit. The girl with a cherubic face and emotional eyes became a damsel, being the representative face of Miu Miu. In Pitch Perfect 2, the image of the girl always the length of a head higher than all co-stars.

Five young music talents
Hailee Steinfeld has been highlighted as a talented actress

Thanks to her performance in Pitch Perfect 2, Hailee first performed her voice and passion for music, instantly won a record contract. Hailee’s voice was soft and tender, and as beautiful as her long black hair, her white skin, and her long legs. But her lyrics were bold and drastic, like her fashion style. It seemed that the Heaven gave her both talent and beauty. Nevertheless, her passion and hard-working characteristic deserve to be the symbol of the next young girl generation.

Five young music talents
Her voice was soft and tender


Five young music talents
But her lyrics were bold and drastic, like her fashion style

Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes was from Canada and also in the list of the 25 world’s most influential teenagers in 2014 by Time. Vine network discovered him when he was 15. However, he had got tens of millions of views just by posting cover videos of famous songs lasting 6 seconds. After stirring the world with Stitches throughout 2015, in 2016, Shawn released his second album Illuminate. The first single from this album, Treat You Better, was a continuation of the success of Stitches.

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Five young music talents
Shawn Mendes was also in the list of the 25 world’s most influential teenagers in 2014 by Time

Shawn possesses a powerful voice and a relatively broad tone. Playing a rustic guitar, Shawn stands out from many young singers hiding in electronic sounds. In addition, at a very young age, Shawn – a talent in five young music talents – is expected to be one of the leaders in creating the following musician generation. This is a generation of musicians playing rustic instruments in a confrontation with electronic music.

Five young music talents
Playing a rustic guitar, Shawn stands out from many young singers hiding in electronic sounds

Zayn Malik

Zayn was not a new artist. He was once one of the five boys of the most successful boyband of all time – One Direction. It was not until Zayn left the band and released his first solo song, Pillow talk, that everything changed. This was because it was until then did people realize such a great Zayn. During his five years with One Direction, people had thought he has no talent except for being the band’s face. Mind of Mine, his debut solo album, proved that he could become one of the UK’s best male R & B vocalists.

Five young music talents
Zayn Malik, once being a member of One Direction, possess the great voice

Now, the whole world is waiting for the next Zayn’s products. More importantly, Zayn’s aggressive pursuit of solo career led One Direction to announce to stop temporarily. With his talent, he deserves to be one of the five young music talents in this current world’s music. Moreover, each member, in turn, would pursue his current solo career. The most currently expected member is Harry Styles, the boy has the largest number of fans. It seems that in the future, four new male artists with extraordinary talent will appear.

Five young music talents
He is currently successful at his solo career

These are the five young music talents who are creating a new young talent generation together in the world’s music. The world is waiting excitedly for their music products, with new images of these five young music talents. Perhaps in the future, other young music talents will emerge and create other special music waves.

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