french pastries names
french pastries names

French Pastries Names: Cake Paradise in France

Traveling to France means that you are coming to pastries paradise with many delicious desserts. You will have the chances to enjoy many delicious desserts when you come to France. In fact, in order to prepare for a French trip, you are not necessary to make a too detail meal plan. You also do not need to try to find the answer to this question: “What will we eat in France?” Because, when you come to France, there are many types of dishes or French pastries names for you to enjoy, especially the desserts. A large number of coffee shops and bakery shop prove the special sweetness in the French cuisine. If you have eaten all kinds of dessert here, you are really a gourmet. Now, let’s discover French pastries names – Cake paradise with All Know-How!


Macaron is one of the symbols of the pastry paradise in France. There is absolutely no doubt that you must eat macaron when you come to France. Macaron is one of the most delicious and special sweet confection in France. The special thing is that not everyone can make the macaron with true flavor. The formula requires a highly skilled person and sometimes it also depends on your fate.

French patisserie names - Cake paradise
French pastries names – Cake paradise

In addition, many French people said that you cannot make delicious macarons on rainy days. This needs to be verified. However, there is a fact that you cannot find the similar feeling if you do not eat macaron in the center of Parris.


Pastry-paradise-Paris travel
French pastries names – Cake paradise

Pastry paradise bakeries in Paris

Madeleines are very small sponge cakes with a distinctive shell-like shape. French people often eat them at the breakfast. It is too popular that you can buy it in any supermarket. Moreover, this is a kind of addictive cake because it is very delicious and nutritious. Therefore, MADELEINE is a good choice for a French trip in many days.


Pastry paradise in Paris

You should try eating Eclair when you come to France because of its beauty and fatty taste. Eclair is also the pride of France. Many people said that Eclair is the long version of Cream Puffs because of its shell and the cream inside.
At the present, Eclair becomes one of the luxurious cakes with the high price. In addition, it is easy for you to find traditional Eclair bakeries in France. Let’s try eating Eclair, you will remember its flavor forever.


MILLE-FEUILLE is also known as “Cake of the King” because it was widely sold under King Napoleon. It is also the favorite food of the rich. Nowadays, MILLE-FEUILLE has appeared in many countries from Europe to Asia. However, if you want to enjoy the true flavor of MILLE-FEUILLE, you have to come to Paris.

Pastry paradise in Paris
French pastries names


In France, every woman, even man can make TARTE with apple flavor. Tarte is the first cake that a woman must learn to make from their mother or grandmother. This kind of cake appears in the daily meal and some important occasions of the French.
In terms of flavor, it is not so good as macaron or eclair, but it is the most popular cake because it is easy to make this cake.

Pastry paradise in Paris
French pastries names


Pastry paradise bakeries
French pastries names: Flan cake

Flan cake with the burned sugar layer on top is the description of CREME BRULÉE. In order to balance and digest the greasy dishes, the CREME BRULÉE is the favorite choice of the French at the end of the meal.

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