meal plan for dinner

Goby Braised With Pepper And Pumpkin Flower Soup For Dinner

In this article, All Know-How would like to introduce to you a meal plan for the daily menu. Let’s enjoy your dinner with goby braised with pepper and pumpkin flower soup.

meal plan for dinner

Tonight, All Know-How suggest you these following dishes:
– Goby braised with pepper
– Pumpkin flower soup with grilled chopped fish
– Boiled Malabar spinach
– Cabbage pickles

Main Course

Goby braised with pepper

delicious stewed goby pepper

Ingredients: 200gr of goby; 100gr of bacon; pepper; onion; sauce fish; sugar and oil cooking.

Processing: Processed fish mixes with onion, sauce fish, sugar, salt, and pepper in 30 minutes. Cut bacon into small pieces. Next, pour a spoon of oil cooking and a spoon of sugar into the pot and cook them together. After some minutes, the mixture varies into brown color, put minced onion to make the good smell. Then take the fish and bacon to cook. Don’t forget to flood the food with water in the pot and cook it with the small fire. Finally, you just need to wait for boiling until the water is dry. Be careful if it is dry too much, your dish will be burned. Your dish is done when you sprinkle with pepper on.

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Pumpkin flower soup with grilled chopped fish

pumpkin flower stuffed with fishcake soup is tasty
Strip the old parts of pumpkin flowers, cut out the stamens. Mix the fishcake with minced onion, pepper, salt, and oil cooking. Stuff some fried fish into pumpkin flower, and the rest is to mold in small pieces. Boil the water then put the fishcake stuffed into flower pumpkin and small pieces of grilled chopped fish together. Cook until it is done. Don’t forget to put other spices such as salt for your taste.

Boiled Malabar spinach

Malabar spinach for daily meal
Keep the green parts of the vegetable and put out the old leaves then clean it. Next, boil the water and put the vegetable until it is hard-boiled.

Cabbage pickles

cabbage pickles for daily meal