Healthy diet plan from other cuisines of the world

Healthy Diet Plan From Famous Cuisines Around The World

Follow the weight loss diet as French or keep in shape as Japanese, which healthy diet plan would you choose?
Go on a diet to keep healthy or lose weight both need good dishes. Dietary rules are popular but how to lose weight in multiway is less mentioned. Why don’t you try the healthy diet plan from famous cuisines around the world?

The Mediterranean

The Mediterranean diet originates from Greece, Italia, and Spain. They eat three dishes or more including vegetables cooked with olive oil, tomatoes, feta cheese and some other vegetables. According to the study from Tufts University, Massachusetts, people in the Mediterranean are the most vegetable consumers in the world. The amount of olive oil used in cooking is proved to lose weight and prevent heart-related diseases and diabetes. The cooking recipe of the Mediterranean makes vegetable dishes less boring but healthier.

a healthy diet dish of the Mediterrance is cooked with lots of vegetables
A healthy diet dish of the Mediterrance is cooked with lots of vegetables

Northern Europe

People of northern Europe make dishes from local organic products such as wholegrain cereals, cherry, canola oil, products made from milk, seafood, pork, beef, lamb, etc. Eating less processed food makes the rate of people who get diabetes and obesity decrease. Moreover, the food will be always fresh since it is not imported from other countries. You can start to learn the diet tips of northern Europe from the stage of choosing need foods. Instead of eating white starch, you should use grain products like oats, brown rice or black bread with the healthy unprocessed protein source.

People of Northern Europe make dishes from organic products
People of Northern Europe make dishes from organic products

Okinawa Islands, Japan

In the second world war, Okinawa island is one of the poorest areas of Japan. Local people did not have enough foods and they mainly lived on vegetables. Gradually, their eating habit was formed and it has been keeping until now. Scientists suppose that it is the diet plan making the local healthy and long-lived. Sweet potatoes, rice, green vegetables, tofu and soy sauce are featured foods, which accounts for the most part in the diet tips of Okinawa. Besides, seafood, lean meat, and fruits are a small part of the healthy diet.

Okinawa's people mainly eat vegetables on their meal
Okinawa’s people mainly eat vegetables on their meal


Embrace one of the most diverse cuisines but the rate of the obesity is low. Compared to other places in the world, French love foods containing high fat such as butter, milk, sweet cakes, etc. Their secret bases on their lifestyle. Their meals are small, they don’t often eat junk foods and have the walking habit. In addition, eating a little red wine and cheese also effects positively on the health index. It’s not about what do you eat but how do you eat to lose weight fast.

Dishes of French always contain fat
Dishes of French always contain fat


Mouthwatering and colorful foods are the first thing when people think about Indian cuisines. Furthermore, they use ingredients such as turmeric, ginger, garlic, green chili that can heal your wound, limit the cholesterol in your blood and prevent heart-related diseases. Therefore, dishes become eye-catching and good for your health. In addition, in order to have a perfect long trip to India, you should know all about India travel such as destinations, transportation, travel tips, etc.

Indian foods are cooked with turmeric, ginger, garlic, and chili

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