healthy foods for pregnant women
Healthy foods for pregnant women

Top 10 Healthy Foods For Pregnant Women

To strengthen the brain of the fetus right from the womb, there is no more ideal way than you need a healthy diet with full nutrients. Today, All Know-How is going to introduce the top 10 healthy foods for pregnant women.

diet plan for pregnant women
Diet plan for pregnant women

The fetus’ brain only begins to form three weeks after conception and the food that the mother eat every day will be very important for the development of the departments. The baby’s brain has undergone dramatic changes in the week between 24 and 40 of pregnancies, especially on the 34th week… Therefore, the mother will need to add to her meals a variety of nutrients. In this article, we are going to show you the most healthy foods for pregnant women as well as what to eat while pregnant. Especially, the best for the child’ s brain to develop is recommended by an English specialist – Victorian Wells.

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Sardines – rich in DHA

fried sadines
fried sardines

Sardines in particular, as well as other fat fish, generally are rich in Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which is essential for the development of the brain, the central nervous system of the fetus. This kind of fish is also less likely to be infected with mercury than other fish and also rich in vitamin D.
For mothers: Pregnant women are advised to supplement 300 – 400gram each week. They can cook the fish into fried dishes, grilled, steamed,…

Lentils – rich in iron

lentil stew sausage
lentil stew sausage

Iron is very important during pregnancy, affecting the production of chemicals in the brain and forming myelin, helping brain memory. Having not enough iron for the fetus to lead to weakening the nervous system.
For mothers: Experts recommend that pregnant women need 14. 8mg iron every day during pregnancy. A piece of lentils contains about 6. 6mg. Mothers should combine lentils with vitamin C to absorb the iron effectively.

Yogurt – rich in Iodine

yogurt-honey mix
yogurt-honey mix

The World Health Organization (WHO) warns that the lack of iodine in pregnancy will be the leading cause of the child mental health. All of the yogurts are the top source of iodine and protein. It prevents children from being underweight from the fetus.
For mothers: Pregnant women are encouraged to absorb 140mcg of iodine per day. A bottle of 150g yogurt contains about 50 – 100mcg iodine, a little more honey, the seeds in the daily meal are what mothers need to have enough iodine.

Spinach – rich in folate

spinach salad with lemon
spinach salad with lemon

Since the fetus requires sufficient folate to produce new DNA and adjust the metabolism of cells, spinach is a perfect choice. This type of vegetable also contains antioxidants that help to protect the fetus’ brain tissue from injury.
For mothers: Experts advise mom to add 400mcg folic acid every day and do not forget to add spinach in the weekly meals together with other rich folate foods.

Eggs – rich in choline


Eggs are an abundant food source that rich in protein and iron, which is very vital for the development of the fetus. Besides, eggs are also considered rich in choline, necessary for the development of memory and learning, remembering of children.
For mothers: Experts advise mom to have 450mg choline every day. A boiled egg containing about 113mg. You should eat the eggs with spinach and seeds in order to provide adequate nutrients for pregnancy.

Types of seeds – rich in selenium

healthy seeds
healthy seeds

The selenium deficiency during pregnancy can affect the development of the fetus and seeds such as sunflower seeds, linseed, almond… are great sources of selenium and unsaturated fat.
For mothers: Pregnant women need to supplement selenium every day. You should make food rations including seeds, some vinegar, garlic, olive oil, lemon… and spread all over broccoli. It will be lovely.

Peanuts – rich in vitamin E


Peanut is a wonderful snack during pregnancy because this food is very rich in protein, niacin, unsaturated fat, and folate. Also, peanuts are also rich in vitamin E, helping DHA protecting brain cells’ membranes. Roasted peanuts without salt to help to keep the antioxidants.
For mothers: Pregnant women need vitamin E every day and peanuts are the perfect choices.

Pumpkin seeds – rich in zinc

roasted pumin seed
roasted pumpkin seed

The pumpkin seed is a zinc-rich food source, which is very important in building brain structures as well as activating the processing areas in the brain. Zinc concentrates in a thin layer adjacent to the pumpkin seed shell, so you need to peel the shell gently.
For mothers: Pregnant women need zinc every day in pregnancy for the fetus’ brain. You should mix the pumpkin seeds with salads for better taste.

Sweet potato – rich in beta-carotene

sweet potatoes
sweet potatoes

Beta-carotene when entering the body turns into vitamin A, which is essential for the development of the baby’s central nervous system.
For mothers: 700mcg beta-carotene every day is enough and you should eat regularly one-two potatoes a day. Orange sweet potatoes contain the most beta-carotene.

Avocado – rich in unsaturated saturated fatty acid


Unsaturated fatty acids account for about 60% in fetal brain development. In the avocado contains an amount of oleic that helps to shape and maintain myelin, a covering of the nerves around the central nervous system.
For mothers: Pregnant women need 25 – 35% daily calories containing unsaturated fat. A smoothie or butter mixed in the daily salad is the ideal choice for you.

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