how to make my hair grow faster
Hair Growth tips

How To Make My Hair Grow Faster – Best Hair Growth Tips

Hair growth tips are very important in hair growth process. We know that one day, short hairstyle becomes so boring and you want to have long hair with many hairstyles. Each month, the length of hair increases 1,5cm. If you have a plan to cut your hair, you must notice that it will need more years for you to have the long hair again. Luckily, you can know “how to make my hair grow faster” through 10 following hair growth tips shared by All Know-How.

Hair Growth Tips

Healthy weight loss?

Michelle Cleveland a well-known hair stylist and founder of Addicts Salon, shared: “A healthy loss-weight diet with enough vitamin is the key for long hair.”
Salmon is a great option for both weight loss and Hair Growth. This food contains Omega 3, omega 6 as well as many other anti-chemical components that help treat hair loss and increase in hair density. These types of beans also contain a variety of nutritional ingredients which is beneficial to hair such as vegetable protein, iron, vitamin B9, biotin.

The healthy hair, the scalp must also be healthy

The healthy scalp will be a good foundation for the healthy hair. According to a recent study, the daily scalp massage will help stimulate hair growth. The global hair stylist for TRESemmé – Justine Marjan suggests that you should spend five minutes per day on scalp massage. Or you can allow an “important person” to do it for you.

Hair Growth Tips to Grow Your Hair Faster
How to grow hair faster: Vinicius Wiesehofer

Using a silk pillow

Sleeping on a smooth surface, soft as silk pillow will help reduce the friction for hair at night. This helps to reduce tangled and hair loss the next day.

Limiting heat impact on hair

Hairstylist Laura Polko worked with famous actors like Chrissy Teigen, Shay Mitchell and Olivia Munn, warned: “Do not dry my hair and create style on the same day.” Although in the theory, drying hair will enable you to create a wonderful hairstyle. However, in fact, hair drying will be easy to damage your hair.” “You should only choose a unique way to affect the hair and spend time for hair relax, avoiding heat impact”. In summary, excess heat intake will prevent healthy hair growth.

Hair Growth Tips to Grow Your Hair Faster
How to grow hair faster: Ryan McGuire

Changing the position of your hair bun

Hairstylist, Polko, said that the low position of hair bun would be an ideal option. Because the position of hair bun is higher, tighter, In a longer time will damage hair, especially hair in The nape.

Combing hair In an exact method

Adam Campbell – Stylist for Angelina Jolie and Ashley Greene advised us to have a comb made from good, natural material. “Combing hair helps stimulate blood circulation, provide Necessary nutrients for hair follicles and healthy hair growth. At the same time, combing hair properly will disperse the natural oils, thereby moisturizing and protecting the hair from the external harmful agent.” Polko said, “Starting from the top of your hair, gently comb and then move on to the foot of the hair.” Absolutely don’t comb hair with a too strong force.”

Choosing dark hair

According to Marjan, bright yellow hair will be easy to be broken. He also said: “I think that we should not dye yellow and cut our hair shortly. I often use the dark color for my hair, unless you connect hair.”

Hair Growth Tips to Grow Your Hair Faster
How to grow hair faster: EGV Photos

Using apple vinegar

According to some researches, washing your hair with cool water is better than warm water. Marjan also affirms that the combination between cool water and apple vinegar. Marjan also confirms the combination between cold water and apple vinegar will help to close the epidermis of hair, make hair brighter. Therefore apple vinegar is necessary for you.

Adding nutrients to the hair care cycle

Cleveland proposes that you should add a hair care step into your hair care cycle. You can buy or yourself do these kinds of hair masks from the recipe with butter, chicken eggs or bananas. Hair incubation by the chemical masks in 15-30 minutes and then wash again with cooler water. You should do this one time a week to get healthy hair.

Do not connect hair regularly

If your goal is to get long hair on some special occasions, you can connect the hair. Campell shared: “You can connect your hair but you have to connect and make it become beginning status properly. Moreover, you must minimize the time you use the hair connector. Because excess weight will make hair loss.

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