how to spend money in japan
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How To Spend Money In Japan – Budget Travel Tips

Whoever traveling aboard, it is necessary to concern about finance. Especially when you come to Japan – one of the world’s leading expensive countries. Thus, how to spend money in Japan effectively. Let’s take a look at this article shared by All Know-How.

Basic expenditures must be noted as follow:


how to spend money in japan
FutakoTamagawa Excel Hotel

First, most hostels in Japan rent from 25 – 35 USD/night for one room. Mini-hotels have the price from 30 – 50 USD/night for a small room. Moreover, double room in a larger hotel is more expensive at about 70 USD/night.


traditional japanese food
Traditional Japanese food – Sushi

There is a variety of eating places in Japan with the price of 2 – 10 USD. Most meals in restaurants have the price of 16 USD or higher. Medium restaurants cost at least 35 USD. Especially, Sushi is from 1 – 5 USD and fast food is about 6.5 USD.


how to spend money in japan
JR Japan Rail Pass

Getting around in Japan is quite expensive. Moving by train is time-saving but expensive. The ticket price from Osaka to Tokyo can cost 160 USD and most of the train tickets in the city is 1 – 2 USD/trip.


how to spend money in japan
Kinkakuji Temple – Kyoto

Most of the temples, pagodas, and museums in Japan have no fee for sightseeing; however, some famous destinations cost 10 USD/ticket. Some temples in Tokyo can cost about 5 USD. In addition, many parks are free so that it is a perfect choice for sightseeing and relaxing.

Free Fee Spots

how to spend money in japan
Shibuya Crossing from the top view at twilight in Tokyo Japan

Japan has numerous beautiful natural sceneries such as architect, nightlife in the city, markets, etc. You still have the unforgettable experience without going to expensive places such as 45th-floor observatory at Tokyo the City Hall is totally free. You can see the whole city at the altitude of 202 meters without losing any money.

Buying JR Pass Train Ticket

JR Pass Train Ticket
JR Pass Train Ticket

Handing this miraculous ticket, you can freely visit anywhere and save a thousand USD

Bus Catching

Japan Bus

The bus is the most convenience and economical vehicle in Japan. You can spend 100 USD for 3 day consecutive days of travel; However, the inconvenience side when traveling by bus is much time-wasting. Particularly, moving from Tokyo to Osaka by train takes only 2 hours whereas you have to sit for 10 hours on a bus. If you have lots of time, consider using this vehicle.

Going Shopping At 100¥ Stores

how to spend money in japan
How to spend money in Japan: Going Shopping At 100¥ Stores

These stores sprout out like a mushroom in front of the stations, inside shopping centers and on the rural area. You can choose numerous commodities with an average price of about 100 yen. It is reasonable and easy to buy.

Shopping At Mini-Supermarket

Family Mart
Family Mart in Japan

All mini-supermarkets system such as Family Mart, Lawson, 7-11 has a cheap price. Not only food, but the services are extreme convenience.

Buying Food At Night

Japanese street food - takoyaki
Japanese street food – Takoyaki

After 8 pm, all supermarkets simultaneously discount up to 50% for fresh food.

Shouldn’t Eat Fresh Fruit

Fresh Fruit Market Stand In Osaka
Fresh Fruit Market Stand In Osaka

Japanese love eating fruit. Their planted fruits are often bought as presents while Japan has to import fruits from other countries. For that reason, if you don’t have much money, you should cut down on buying fresh fruit when in Japan.

Cooking By Yourself

Cooking Ramen in Japan
Cooking Ramen in Japan

Hostels in Japan don’t have the kitchen, you can ask to cook yourself here and save a lot of money in comparison to eating out.

Cleaning Room By Yourself

Travel in Japan _ How to spend money in Japan
Travel in Japan – How to spend money in Japan

By this way, you can have free accommodation. Some hostels in Japan allow you a few hours cleaning your room, and you can stay as long time as you want.

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