india backpacking itinerary
Taj Mahal Temple

India Backpacking Itinerary: 2 Amazing Weeks In India

In order to have a truly wonderful trip to India, All Know-How will share with you India backpacking itinerary in 2 weeks. Let’s explore India with us through this article.

india backpacking itinerary
The colorful temple Meenakshi at Tamil Nadu in the south of India

When To Come To India

india backpacking itinerary
India backpacking itinerary

You should travel to India from October to March. Do not come here in the summer because the weather is very hot. Summer is always 44-celsius degree. It is impossible for you to go out or eat out.
In addition, remember to bring mosquito repellant because on the bus and in the atmosphere, there are a lot of mosquitoes. We take the bus from New Delhi to Rishikesh where has many mosquitoes on the bus. Besides, the area near the river also has many mosquitoes.


Take Auto/ Rickshaw

india backpacking itinerary
Auto rickshaw taxi on Sept 20, 2013, in Jodhpur, India

You remember bargain price. You can also book Ola or Uber. Even when you do not book the car, you should see the price to pay a reasonable price for the driver. Drivers usually ask a higher price, so we pretended to say we had booked the car through Ola. One time, we bargained the price from Journey’s Place to the hostel is 150 rupees / 2 people, after that the driver claimed 150 rupees per person.

Moreover, in India, people go to the left. Buses in the inner city of India are very cheap, usually under 20 rupees per person, so you pay attention when paying. If you give fare collector 50 rupees and he does not return the charge, ask him to pay you the money.

From New Delhi Airport to central Delhi, you should go by metro because of the cheap price. There are airport trains travel from morning till 9 pm. If you are late, you can book Ola or Uber.

Book A Train Ticket

india backpacking itinerary
India backpacking itinerary: On Bus

You should book a month earlier.

The auto/rickshaw drivers will move if there have enough six passengers in his vehicle. You should take the same car for the cheap price, instead of running a single car. In case you can not get train tickets in India, you can take the bus. You can purchase bus tickets directly or online. Booking bus online via website, you remember to read the review before booking offline.

Foods And Drinks

india backpacking itinerary
Indian food Salinda

First, remember to ask the price before having the meal. Moreover, there are many delicious food stores in India. Do not receive things such as fruits, food, drinks, flower from the strangers. Be careful. Also, do not give food to strangers.

Other Notes

india backpacking itinerary
India backpacking itinerary
  • Do not forget to take a bag to bring important things such as money and passports, bank cards.
  • Use public transport is very cheap, you can book Ola or Uber. Indeed, the fee for traveling by bus is very reasonable.
  • You should buy 3G SIM from Jio for convenience.
  • You should bring bottles of water to get water in the hotel or where give the free water. Pay attention, buying a bottled drink in India, you should buy a new one, the bottle cap is coated or sealed. Make the bottle break before throwing out (on the water bottles have mentioned). Maybe, people reuse bottles to pour water into and sell them.
  • You should remember bargain when buying souvenirs, as one-third price.
  • Bring a small bottle of water to wash your hands before eating.
  • Finally, traveling to India will make you feel frustration at being cheated.

All Know-How hopes this article will be useful for you and wishes you a safe and happy trip!

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