lip exfoliator diy
lip exfoliator diy

Lip Exfoliator Diy – How To Remove Dead Skin On Lips

Using homemade lip exfoliator from natural materials is easy to bring you the beautiful lips as the petal of the rose. Lips are the sexiest part of the body and lipstick helps your lips become more attractive. However, the lips that are not carefully cared will be chapped. Besides using lip balm, using lip exfoliator DIY every day will be better. All Know-How will share with you how to remove dead skin on lips at home.

Why should we remove the dead skin on lips?

The skin on lips also needs to be removed dead cells. When the new cells are produced, through dermis, hypodermis and become the epidermis to protect your skin. Removing dead skin will promote your body to produce new skin.

The way to remove the dead cell from your lips

Simultaneously, removing dead skin also helps the nutrients from the lip balm easier to absorb into the lips, making your lips softer. The beauty of your lips will show the value of lipstick and helps you become more attractive.


Brown sugar lip scrub with honey

Ingredients (1 tablespoon):
Brown sugar (you can use white sugar to be instead of)
Honey Vanilla (if you like)

The way to remove the dead cell from your lips

Steps: Mix all the ingredients together in a box Anoint that mixture on your lips. Keep it on your lips from one to two minutes and wash by warm water. Use this method one or two times per week.

Sugar lip scrub with coconut oil

Ingredients (1 tablespoon):
White sugar
Coconut oil
Lip Balm

The way to remove the dead cell from your lips

Steps: Separate the lip balm from the lip.
Crush it and add two tablespoons of white sugar. Coconut oil Will helps this mixture become liquid. Then, you put the mixture into a bottle with a lid for 1 month.
Anoint that mixture on your lips and massage. You can use your fingers or toothbrush to remove dead cells. Perform this method from three to four times per week.

Chocolate lip scrub

Ingredients (1 tablespoon):
White sugar
Cocoa powder
Extra Virgin Vanilla or almond oil Honey


The way to remove the dead cell from your lips
Simply Stacie

Steps: We mix all ingredients together in a small bowl. If the mixture is too liquid, we can add sugar. If the mixture is too solid, we can add honey or olive oil. We store the mixture in a sealed container and put it in the refrigerator for 2 to 3 weeks.
Anoint that mixture on your lips in about five minutes. You can use warm water to wash your lips and use lip balm if necessary.


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