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Makeup Tips: 5 Makeup Tones for Girls in Summer

These makeup tips do not select skin, in addition, they make your face brightener in the summer sunshine. Now All Know-How will list 5 makeup tones in summer for you to own a sweet face as candy.

makeup tips for summer

Peach Pink-Orange

Peach pink tone
Peach pink tone – Makeup tips

Naturally, being a specific color of spring but the peach pink-orange color still takes the girl’s affection in summer. This sweet makeup tone can apply to all girls although they prefer gentle or charactered makeup.

When using peach pink-orange lipstick, you should combine a bit deep blusher than usual, create the natural pink effect.
Peach pink-orange lipstick is suitable for natural eyes makeup cover, adding a little sparkling shine will be more loveable.

Purple pink

Eyeshadow makeup cover
Eyeshadow makeup cover – Makeup tips

Despite its feminity and cuteness, purple-pink is difficult to use for any skin types. So the girl with black skin should consider before applying this make-up tone.

To have a face with the purple-pink makeup tone fashionably, the girl should make up eyes with light pink, pink blusher, along with lip gloss tint instead of liquid lipstick to become more youthful. Besides, you can try making up eyes with orthid softly, along with pink sweet baby lips as candy. It will be surely pretty.

Red tomato

Red Tomato Tone
Red Tomato Tone

Red tone is suitable for girls who have both white and black skin, helps your appearance brightener, and make teeth brighter. This is the reason that make-up color tone is more and more loved by girls.

Red lips will become fleshy, more attractive. You should apply both rose-red blusher and eyeshadow so as to harmonize deeply.

Bright Orange

bright orange tone makeup tone
Bright Orange Tone

This seems to be a specific color in summer because orange is a symbol of sunshine and fruits. Orange tone help girl’s face become more striking and cheerful a lot.

When using orange lipstick, you should choose the same blusher and eyeshadow so that total face is not dazzling and blazing, easily make skin duller. Lipstick, which has pigment in a little red or pink, is easily suitable for more types of skin.


Red-orange tone makeup tips
Red-orange tone

Red-orange is always a hot make-up tone in summer because of the brightness but not strikingness, being never unfashionable and suitable for the different styles. Red-orange lips help skin look brighter. When combined with the same blusher and eyeshadow tone, the girl looks extreme youthful and fresh.

In addition, lipstick color is enough remarkableness, you should not use blusher too strong as “acting in a play”, you should put on makeup gently to harmonize with lipstick color.

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