Top 10 Muscle Toning Exercises At Home

In fact, there are so many exercises to tone muscles helping you get fit, stronger and stronger. You, sometimes, feel confused to choose the sensible exercises. Don’t worry, All Know-How will support you the best 10 muscle toning exercises at home. Let’s try your best to practice them in 30 days to get the “magic results”.

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The first exercising toning muscles effectively improve the balance. It activates the body to strengthen the legs and buttock power.

How to do a lunge:

  • Start with the standing posture, extend the legs with shoulders, the arms stretch in a straight line.
  • Push the right foot upward, fold the right knee that is parallel to the ground
  • Push your body back to the starting position.
  • Repeat with the other side
  • Perform 3 sets (10 reps each)



If you usually search for the exercises toning muscles, you know that this exercise is good for the lower body. Furthermore, doing it regularly activates the back and hip flexibility. It tones the muscles in the most effective way.

How to do squats:

  • Stand in the straight line, the legs open wider than the shoulders.
  • Put your hands forward, slightly step hip down, pull the lower body back
  • Keep your back straight when performing the workout
  • Keep the chest high and stand in the starting position
  • Perform 2 sets (10-15 reps each)



The exercise is quite simple but very effective for the whole body. It helps the body move smoothly while toning the muscles.

Some suggestions for you to do a basic push-up:

  • Start with a prone position on the floor.
  • Lift two the hands up so that the tip of the foot touches the ground to form a straight line
  • The position of the wrist is straight up the shoulders and the legs are equal to the shoulders
  • Combine both push and breath. When inhaled, the elbows bend and lower the chest, then exhale and move the person back to the original position
  • When lowering your elbow, hold it at a 45-degree angle, keeping your hand closed and facing forward, holding the buttocks and knees firmly.
  • Perform 3 sets or push-ups depending on your strength

If it is too difficult, you can bend your knees to the floor and cross your legs to push up easily

Dumbbell Lifting By Hands

lifting dumbbells by hands
Lifting dumbbells by hands

For this exercise, you will do with two small dumbbells of 4-5kg and improve your strength of joints and muscles. This is a suitable exercise toning muscles for busy girls because it will motivate many body parts. Especially, this movement not only improves the shoulder area but is also good for the back.

How to do this exercise:

  • Start with a straight up posture, legs open with shoulders
  • Two hands holding dumbbells hold the shoulder so that they are parallel to the ground
  • Slowly raise your hand over your head, hold for 3 seconds and then return to your shoulder position
  • Perform 3 rounds (12-15 times per round).

Dumbbell Lower Lifting

Dumbbell lower Lifting
Dumbbell lower Lifting

Contrary to the above movement, the exercise activity the muscles in the lower body. You also perform two dumbbells (4 – 5 kg per each)

How to perform the exercise, follow some steps as below:

  • Start on a half-bent body, the feet spread to shoulder-width apart. The grip of the dumbbell holds down to the ground
  • Slowly pour people forward, keep your back straight. Carefully, the neck and back must be straight
  • Press the elbow to pull dumbbell towards in front of the chest and hold for 3 seconds
  • Take a deep breath and return to the original position
  • Repeat for 10-12 reps.

Single Leg Deadlift

single leg deadlift
Single leg deadlift

The exercise balances the body while increasing the strength of the legs. Similar to the above 2 exercises, you will perform with the two dumbbells (about 4-5 kg each).

How to do the exercise:

  • Start on a standing posture, the two hands hold the weights stretched along the body
  • Slightly lean forward and kick your left leg backward
  • Keep the pelvis part perpendicular to the ground
  • Take a deep breath and return to your standing posture
  • Repeat for all of the reps with the right leg
  • Perform 10-12 reps on each side.



This full-body exercise requires you combine with many movements together. Although the workout is difficult, it helps to burn fat fast. It firms the muscles of the buttocks, thighs, core, and shoulders while increasing the cardiovascular activity.

To perform the exercise, just follow these instructions:

  • Start with the standing position, the legs extend equally to your shoulders
  • Put your hands in front of your face and place like the squat position
  • When your hands touch the ground, jump feet backward like a push-ups position
  • Push-up one time
  • Jump 2 feet forward as a skipping position
  • Get your feet back and jump as high as possible and place as squat position
  • Perform 3 sets (10 reps each)

Side Plank

side plank
Side Plank

A healthy body requires your midsection to be firm. Therefore, the exercises toning muscles help you improve your strength and body balance.

Follow these instructions to perform a basic side plank:

  • Start on your body leaning on the right, place your left hand in a straight line from head to feet
  • Place your elbow on the floor, so that the shoulders and arms get a straight line
  • Use your right elbow to lift the body up
  • Turn the initial position
  • Repeat the posture in the left side
  • Perform 3 sets (10-15 reps)



Crunch is familiar with everyone. The exercise not only firms the abdominal muscles but also strengthens the power of the shoulder and back.

How to do crunches, follow some instructions as below:

  • Lie on the floor with your knees bent and your hands cross in front of the chest
  • Hold your legs close to the ground, bend the body forward
  • Take a deep breath and return your lying position
  • Perform 3 sets (15 reps)

Upper Butt

upper butt
Upper butt

The workout activates the back and lower section. It is easy for you to perform many times per day.

Just follow some steps as below:

  • Lie on your back, the knees bend, two legs are close together, each leg places about 30-40 centimeters from the butt
  • Tighten the abdominal muscles, use your heel to launch the butt off the ground
  • Keep in 2 seconds, and then slightly put it on the ground
  • Do it in 3 rounds (15 times per round).

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