natural remedies for sinus infection

Natural Remedies For Sinus Infection – 6 Traditional Remedies

According to the statistics, about 25-30% of patients having to see the doctor for ears-nose-throat examination have sinusitis. Besides some symptoms such as stuffy nose, pains, and pus, sinusitis can lead to other serious diseases that cause blindness or death. There are many natural remedies for sinus infection including traditional medicines and herbs for sinusitis treatment. Let’s learn with All Know-How!


Salty water is a good liquid which has an effective cleansing and antiseptic. Rinse your nose with salty water can clean the inflammatory area, heal wounds, cure the nasal congestion as well as treat symptoms of sinusitis such as a runny nose, headache, or bad breath, etc.

salty water for sinusitis treatment
You can make by yourself salty water or buy the saline solution at pharmacies. Pour your salty water into a bowl, then obturate one of your noses and dip the other into the bowl. Try to take deep breaths to let the salt water into your nose and down to the mouth. Drain the water by the mouth and repeat for 4-5 times with the other nose.

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Many research showed that using honey for sinus treatment is a safe and effective method. Honey includes the natural antimicrobial agent that kills and prevents the development of Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacterium – the main reasons cause sinusitis. Therefore, using honey can eradicate the disease.
Crush garlic for juice then mixes it with honey with the 1:1 ratio. Before using the honey for treatment, you should rinse your nose by saline solution, after that you can use a cotton swab to absorb the mixture honey garlic into your nose for an hour. Do that twice a day in a week, you will see the result.

using honey for sinusitis treatment
Using the mixture of honey and garlic at the first time will make you feel uncomfortable but when honey absorbs into your nose, you will feel breathable.
You can use two spoons of honey then mix with warm water to drink every day. Do it before breakfast and before sleeping twice brings the best effect to deal with sinusitis.


According to the eastern medicine, eucalyptus globulus oil has the spicy taste, warm characteristic. It cures typhoid and leprosy, nasal passages with flu and cold, cough with phlegm, nasal congestion, etc. Due to that, it can completely help you treat the bad symptom from sinusitis.

Eucalyptus for sinusitis treatment
Put a few drops of eucalyptus oil in a bowl of hot water, then cover your head and the bowl with a shawl. You do that to inhale the vapors of the mixture with your nose. This is able to penetrate your nasal decongestant and cleans the mucus accumulated, thereby reducing nasal congestion.


Lemon leaves have anti-inflammatory effects, sputum production, and respiratory system protection. You also can steam with lemon leaves for relaxing as it includes fresh and comfortable smell helping kill bacteria and boost the immunity. Therefore, we can use lemon leaves to cure and lessen symptoms of sinusitis effectively.

lemon leaves for sinusitis treatment
Boil the dried lemon leaves in 10 minutes, then refine and use it to wash your mouth every day.


Garlic is not only an ingredient for cooking but also is a precious medicine with lots of excellent effects for health. It contains a large number of antibiotics such as glucogen, aliin, fitonxit helping antimicrobial, bacteria killing, and immune system protection from virus, etc.

garlic for sinusitis treatment
There are two ways to use garlic as a remedy.
– Crush 40g of pealed dry garlic and soak in 100ml of white wine until the mixture of wine change from white into yellow. Let it be for 10 days, the solution appears with the color like turmeric that you can use. Then drop a few drops into your nose. You will feel uncomfortable at first but it will be better later.
– Use fresh garlic and mill it for juice. After that, mix the garlic essence with water to have a good curing solution.


Modern studies indicated that in the chemical composition of magnolia flower contains 0.5 – 2.86% essence, eugenol, foeniculum, magnoflorine, flavonoid, anthocyanin, oleic acid, vitamin A, alkaloid which give wonderful effects for sinus treatment.

magnolia flower for sinusitis treatment
Crush the magnolia flower for juice and spray into your nose three times a day or you can boil it with egg, then you eat the egg and drink the solution.

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