new york nightclub review
new york nightclub review

New York Nightclub Review: Inside The Most Debauchee New York Nightclub

“If there’s one thing that House of Yes teaches me, this is: Nothing in my life is too crazy”, Dave Doyle, nightclub manager. That is American nightclub culture. Have you ever tried experiencing New York nightclubs? Now, All Know-How will be with you and explore what is in the most debauchee nightclub in this New York nightclub review.

House of Yes nightclub
House of Yes nightclub

Nightclub Culture In New York

House of Yes nightclub
House of Yes nightclub

The dancing girls butter to relax their customers, the great sexy dances, wine and noisy music… This is everything that you first see in House of Yes. This is the most famous and debauchee nightclub in New York City, America.
“If there’s one thing that House of Yes teaches me, nothing in my life is too crazy”, this is Dave Doyle, the Australian nightclub manager talked about his job. “And I love my job”, he said.

Last week, this hot pot attracted many “jeunesse dorees” and tourists in Brooklyn and they had the second anniversary with the party named “Thank You For Everything”. Although New York city was currently frozen by the temperature of minus 17-degree Celsius, the nightclub was still so busy.
The crowds kept in dancing in the lobby while music was opened loudly. On the stage, strippers made loops and suspended in 10 meters height in metal cages. Apart from the balloons. Everything in here is exactly what it regularly is at night weekends.

Origin Of The Nightclub

Inside House of Yes nightclub
New York nightclub review: Inside House of Yes nightclub

The bar is established by Anya Sapozhnikova and Kae Burke in 2007. In 2008, it is known as a circus and creative events. In 2016, through cooperating restaurants, House of Yes officially became a nightclub.
After 18 months, the bar had developed very well. Everybody focused on their work seriously. Doyle was also not an exception and as a bar manager, he was about to break up with his girlfriend because of lacking time for her.
There are so many activities and services in this bar. Apart the girls dressing sexy perform pole dance, there are many sexy dance contests and dramas here. The most prominent events here is fruity party House of Love, the night music Disco and House of Vogue. This is the monthly dancing party for LGBT.
This place welcomes the most enthusiastic and craziest men. They are famous artistic producers, dancers, and artists in the world…”We’ve met so many VIP characters”, said Doyle.

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