olive oil contains lots of vitamins

Best Ways To Use Olive Oil For Babies

Olive oil is well known for its good effects for health, skin, and hair. Not only used for cooking, but olive oil also is used with many benefits for baby. It is a fat obtained by processing olives – a traditional tree Mediterranean Basin, named Olea Europaea.
Olive oil is processed by a mechanical method, without any chemicals as well as temperature treatments and called virgin oil.
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olive oil has many benefits for babies that mothers must know

Constituents and nutritious values of olive oil

A tablespoon of olive oil contains:
– Calories: 119
– Fat: 13.50gm
– Carbohydrates: 0
– Saturated fats: 2gm
– Fibers: 0
– Protein: 0
– Vitamin E: 1.8mg
– Vitamin K: 8.1 microgram

Olive oil is a composite including triglyceride esters of oleic acid, palmitic acid, and other fatty acids, besides sterols and squalene. Phenolics in olive oil include tyrosol, oleocanthal, hydroxytyrosol, and oleuropein and other constituents.

– Oleic acid: 55-83%
– Linoleic acid: 3.5-21%
– Palmitic acid: 7.5-20%
– Stearic acid: 0.5-5%
– Alpha-linolenic acid: 0-1.5%

Babies’ health is the first priority for mothers. Here are some main benefits of olive oil for babies:

1. Olive oil for lessening Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder – ADHD

Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder – ADHD has never been such popular; However, people haven’t known clearly about the reason for this syndrome. But up to now, researches on the world indicated that olive oil is considered as a method to help children against symptoms of ADHD.

olive oil against ADHD in children

2. Olive oil against heart diseases and cancer

Olive oil contains polyphenols – a natural antioxidant can decrease the amount of triglyceride in bodies and maintain cardiovascular health. Polyphenols can also cure damaged tissues and lessen cancer risks.

olive oil can prevent heart diseases and cancer

3. Olive oil for brain development

Olive oil contains a lot of omega acid. Due to that olive oil is a wonderful way to stimulate brain development in children.

olive oil contains lots of vitamins

4. Olive oil contains lots of vitamins

Babies need vitamins to maintain their health as well as grow. In the master of fact that olive oil contains many kinds of vitamin including vitamin A, B, E, and D. Vitamin A helps for strong eyes, vitamin B is beneficial for the brain development while vitamin D is good for strong bones.

olive oil contains lots of vitamin

5. Olive oil for strong skin and hair

Olive oil contains lots of natural antioxidants such as squalene which helps baby’s skin and hair be stronger.

olive oil is good for baby hair and skin

6. Olive oil against obesity

Some studies show that children who have diets containing olive oil are less likely to become obesity thanks to the beneficial fatty acid in olive oil.
Nowadays, there are some kinds of olive oil for children. You can use it for cooking when children are 6 months old.

olive oil prevent risks of obesity

How to use olive oil for babies?

If you decide to add olive oil for your children’s diet, let consider these instructions:

1. Olive oil for baby

If doctors allow, you can add olive oil to a baby’s diet when the baby starts for weaning. You can add a tablespoon of olive oil in weaning food for baby as well as let the baby get familiar with a new dish.

mother can add olive oil for baby's meal

2. Olive oil for toddler and older children

You can cook children’s daily meals with olive oil. Children at school age like fried foods. If you use olive oil, that food can be better for health. You can also use olive oil when baking or salad as it lessens constipation disease risks. But you need to ask the doctor before.

olive oil is good for children meal

3. Olive oil for baby massage

Olive oil moisturizes and regenerates the dead tissue, keeping baby’s skin smooth and healthy. For children who are diapered, mothers can apply olive oil around this sensitive skin area.

olive oil is used for baby massage

4. Olive oil for baby’s hair

Olive oil can be used as a kind of shampoo for baby to control sebum at cradle cap. After washing with shampoo and massage the cradle cap of children with olive oil, you should wash baby’s hair again with warm water. If the baby has too much sebum in cradle cap, you can keep olive oil in baby’s hair through the night.

olive oil for baby hair

5. Olive oil against coughs

Mother can use olive oil combined with rosemary, eucalyptus, and mint oil to prevent children from coughs and help them get nice nights of sleep.

olive oil for cough relief

6. Olive oil with soybean oil

Some clinical tests indicated that when combined with soybean oil, this mixture has a lipid content similar to breast milk and benefits like the use of intestinal nutrition for preterm infants. However, experts recommend using olive oil for babies who have low weight or difficulties in breastfeeding.

olive oil with soybean for baby meal