perfumes for this christmas 2018
perfumes for this christmas 2018

Top 5 Perfumes For You On Christmas 2018

There is no other perfect time for you to change your perfume like on Christmas. Christmas is coming. In these days, a warm and deep scent will dispel the cold of the winter. Let’s check top 5 perfumes for this Christmas 2018 – the perfect suggestions for you!


Acqua Di Fiori – Gucci Bloom has a fresh and light scent

Fresh, light, the scent of Acqua Di Fiori – Gucci Bloom has made the beauty in love with. The first layer of scent is a perfect mixture of galbanum resin and sour lavender. Next, the aroma of jasmine, Tuberose and honeysuckle together create the scent of vitality. The last layer of scent will make you feel warm and gentle by the combination between the musk and sandalwood. These wonderful notes will evoke the passionate feeling inside you.

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J’Adore Dior is a wonderful perfume

J’Adore possesses a luxury design that attracts any girls at first sight. This perfume is both classic and modern. The opening is a cool fresh note of the magnolia, jasmine, and the ripe pear. Next, you feel a wonderful mix of tuberose with jasmine, a little bit mischievous but feminine. At last, musk, vanilla, cedarwood and black raspberry blend over a warm base that you never forget.


Peony and Blush Suede Cologne – Jo Malone London perfume

This is a gentle floral fragrance. A sweet and passionate scent that combines notes of apple and flowers. The middle layer adds a little pungent scent of pepper and peony. To make it unforgettable, thanks to the warming notes of attractive musk and suede flavor. All create delicately a charming and girly perfume.


Knot – Bottega Veneta perfume

The scent of Knot is inspired by the airy atmosphere on the Italian beach. This belongs to the light floral scent, bringing a fresh feeling for you. We first smell the scent of sweet notes: pink Tangerine, Clementine, lemon, orange flower, and neroli essential oil. Then it appears the fresh scent of peony, white rose, and lavender. Finally, a special mix of earth, musk, and tonka bean, all mingling into an attractive and deep scent.


Do Son – Diptyque perfume

This is a French perfume but owning a Vietnamese name – Do Son. Yves Coueslant is one of the three founders of Diptyque lived in Northern Vietnam, near Do Son beach. His childhood memories inspire him to create this perfume. First, we feel the wonderful scent of Africa orange flower and iris, all mingling with Turkish roses. The middle note is the passionate of pepper and white lilies – the flower that his mother loved. The final note ends with the mysterious and charming scent of musk.

Let’s choose your favorite scent for the coming Christmas!