exciting experiences in Portugal travel blog
Exciting experiences in Portugal travel blog

Portugal Travel Blog: 10 Exciting Experiences in Portugal

10 exciting experiences bellow that you cannot miss when you come to visit Portugal. Now, let’s follow All Know-How to explore Portugal in this Portugal travel blog.
Portugal is an extremely beautiful country, which is located in the extreme West of Europe. We will show the list of things to do in Portugal.

exciting experiences in Portugal travel
Portugal travel blog: Top best experiences

Enjoying great service in the Lisboans mansion

exciting experiences in Portugal travel
Fresh bread & juice

The Lisboans is a beautiful mansion which is located in Baiza district, capital of London. In addition, its furniture has a nostalgic style. Especially, Lisboans will make your trip become more interesting. Because there are handmade blankets made by Alentejo skilled craftsman. Besides, it has the floor paved by azulejos rocks or classic Marshall speakers.
If you fall asleep here, you will surely be satisfied because of the hospitality of the young and attentive staff. They will prepare your breakfast, a hearty and sweet meal with fresh orange juice, sandwiches, pastry cakes with butter, jams and fresh milk and put them in a bag in the front of the door.

Overnight in the Palácio BELMONTE Palace

In the Portugal travel, you should also not skip the opportunity to sleep one night in construction palaces dating back to the 15th century, typically the ancient Palácio Belmonte. Fréderic, a French, bought PALÁCIO BELMONTE for 26 million euros in 1994. This palace is not as comfortable as any typical hotels in reception, elevator, television,.. but that creates its attract. It is a place for people to focus on the beauty of simplicity.

exciting experiences in Portugal travel
Palácio BELMONTE Palace

It will be more interesting if you have the chance to talk to the landlord, Féderic and the Portuguese beloved wife. In the room, drinking wine and looking at the colorful house in Lisbon, listening some stories about art, travel, family love are a great experience for you.

Visiting MAAT

exciting experiences Portugal travel
Maat – Portugal Travel Blog

Not only the ancient, but Portugal is also the country’s development of art with Maat – the Museum of Art, architecture, and technology on the Tagus river, an impressive architectural work inspired by the puddle of water. British architect designed this building covered 15,000 white potters. You will be surprised because of the human’s creation.

Drinking coffee in Portuguese style

exciting experiences in Portugal travel
Coffee in Portugal

If you would like to enjoy the true Portuguese coffee with a typical sophisticated blending method such as latte, cappuccino, served with delicious waffles made at the restaurant, you should go to Copenhagen Coffee Lab or one of two other affiliates located opposite the market in Feira da Ladra.

Enjoying Portuguese TART

Portugal travel
Portuguese TART

Food is an experience not to be missed when traveling to Portugal. Especially, you will love eating Tart cake with the fragrant of eggs and milk, a layer of butter. You can go to the pastéis bakery, a well-known shop that specializes in this type of cake. You also can go to the Manteigaria, with the sound of the bell as the signal of freshly baked cakes just out of the oven.

Drinking wine in LISBON

Portugal travel

Located on the top floor of the parking in Lisbon, Park will be the ideal place for dating for drinking wine and watching the sunset on the Tagus river. Moreover, you should spend time visiting By the Wine. Its ceiling is too impressive with full of bottles of wine. You also can go to The Bar, a lovely bar of Assie.

Shopping for indigenous brands with good quality in Portugal

exciting experiences in Portugal travel

If you love products from Portuguese country, you remember to visit the indigenous brands with good quality here. Besides the shops such as the “Feeting Room Lisbon” with the perfect leather JAK shoes and Inês tells jewelry, you will definitely love other lovely shops. You can go to Principe Real Enxivais to buy the linen clothes, or Mini by Luna to buy toys for children. In addition, Skinlife in Chiado is also a cosmetic brand with excellent skincare products.


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On Saturdays, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m, you can go to the Mercado Biologico market in Príncipe Real Garden to buy fruit vegetables and fresh fruit, which are harvested from indigenous people here. Moreover, there are also handmade olive oil and bread. An interesting suggestion for you is to have a picnic in the lovely park which is near that market. You can eat food from the market and drink takeaway coffee.

Horse riding on the sand in Casas Na Areia

exciting experiences in Portugal travel
Riding horse in Casas Na Areia

It is a strange experience you need to try when to Casas Na Aries. If you have never ridden the horse ever, do not worry because João, an experienced person in Comporta, will teach you. You will ride the horse through the pristine sandbank, traditional fisherman’s houses, and all the green pastures. To get this experience, you have to set the schedule for a long time. However, that won’t be a big problem when you are sure to get a totally worthy experience.

Hairdressing at GRIFFHAIRSTYLE



exciting experiences in Portugal travel

Griffehairstyle is a hugely popular Hairsalon, located in the most famous city of Chiado. It belongs to Helena Vaz Pereira, a famous hair expert. She has a longtime working experience with TAP magazine as well as the most well-known fashion brand in Portugal. With excellent and professional workmanship of the hairdressers here, they definitely meet all of your demands. Having a beautiful haircut after Portuguese tour, why not?

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