Russian cuisine

Russian Cuisine: Trophic but not Sophisticated

In the Russian cuisine, the traditional dishes also has typical characteristics. Their dishes are not sophisticated but people focus on nutrient components most. Let go with All Know-How and explore Russia cuisine as well as tourism, culture, art, and human,…

Introduction Of Russian Cuisine

Russia has not been considered as a cuisine paradise. Street food culture is not as plentiful as other Asian countries. In addition, cooking methods and forms of dishes are not as sophisticated as European countries. Russians used to eat whole wheat bread, mashed potatoes, salad or sea fish. All of them are common dishes which we know.

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Russian cuisine

However, Russian cuisine is still very attractive to people who carefully care about their health. Russian traditional dishes focus on nutrient components, you should eat them at least one time.

The main ingredients

There are six main dishes in the main ingredient in Russian cuisine: potatoes, bread, eggs, meat, fish and butter. In particular, most of the dishes consist of dills. This feature is quite strikingly recognizable.

Russian cuisine

In addition, other ingredients also make traditional dishes become more interesting. They are cabbage, milk, sour cream, mushrooms, cucumber, tomatoes, apples, red berries, honey, sugar, salt, garlic, and onion.

The simplest processed dishes can keep the nutrients. Even in the luxury restaurants, the decoration of dishes on the plate is not too sophisticated. In a meal, the appetizer is often salad and soup. After that, the main dishes are meat and potatoes. Finally, desserts are cream with tea or coffee. Bread and butter are served throughout the meal.

Seven special traditional dishes


Russian cuisine

In all of the Russian meals, you can find out this soup. It has the redness of the radish and cool taste. In order to balance the sweetness of radish, you can add a little cream. This creates the harmony of the dish.

Salad Olivier

Russian cuisine

We often call the salad with mayonnaise, Russian salad. When you come Russian, you will know that this salad does not just consist of carrots, chopped potatoes mixed with mayo soup.
The ingredients of the Russian salad are potatoes, cucumbers, bacon, eggs, carrots. All of them are diced, then mixed with mayo sauce and dills.
People call it Olivier Salad, the name of the chef Lucien Olivier who create the recipe for this dish in 1800. Especially, you cannot find two salads recipes with the same taste in Russia. Because each family has the different habit and way to use spice.

Kinds of fish

Cod is the famous food of Russian. In the winter, saltiness of cod with vodka is very wonderful. People often eat cod with cabbage, sliced carrots, and black olives.

Russian cuisine

In addition, salmon and salmon eggs are also wonderful foods in this country. Moreover, the black salmon eggs are often expensive than the red ones. Salmon eggs are carefully preprocessed and preserved. Like the Japanese, raw salmon eggs are eaten. However, Russians prefer to use salmon which is pickled in salt water rather than raw foods.

Russian cuisine

Whole wheat bread

Russian cuisine

When we say about Russian cuisine, we must mention about whole wheat bread. Bread with butter and salt is a simple dishes that Russian use to entertain guests. This bread is the way Russians show their deep feelings. It means that they believe that person will go with them through hardship.


Russian cuisine

Like bread, potatoes play an important role to provide starch for meals. People eat potatoes with meat. Depending on the taste or hobby, we have mashed potatoes or baked potatoes.


Russian cuisine

Grilled pork is a favorite food in Russia. This dish is so delicious because it can keep the taste of pork and spices. They often eat grilled pork with wine.


Ice cream is the dessert which makes culinary enthusiasts surprise. It is a fact that Russian cream has much milk, therefore it is more greasy than the American one. Russian love ice cream as vodka. Ice cream is always a dessert to finish a meal.