Shoe Trends 2018
Shoe Trends 2018

Shoe Trends 2018: Dad Sneakers At Spring-Summer Fashion Week 2018

Dad Sneakers” has become an attractive shoe trends 2018 for fashionistas all over the world.
Series of fashion trends are launched in the Spring Summer Fashion Week 2018, and one of the hottest shoe trends is “Dad Sneaker”. From the catwalk at New York, London, Milan to Paris, this ostentatious “out-of-fashion” shoe with full of colors and patterns appear in every street style. This kind of shoe is a little bit uncouth but extremely classic due to it was the featured fashion of the 80s, 90s decade and now are called with a friendly name “Dad Sneaker”. The simple reason for this name is that our generation is bringing the revival for these old shoes.

Dad Sneaker is not only popular with fashionistas in the world but loved by many supermodels. Here a list of 5 models who sneaked-peak strongly and successfully this shoe trend.


Gigi Hadid puts on a black fashionable Dad Sneaker
Shoe Trends 2018 – Dad Sneakers

“It girl” Gigi Hadid doesn’t ignore this favorite sneaker shoe trend, she chooses a mix-match with a jeans Tommy Hilfiger, a sweater of Rebecca Minkoff and cat-eye glasses from Le Specs.


Kendall Jenner is beautiful in a body dress and Dad Sneaker

Instead of matching a shirt with high-heels every day, try to change yourself with a white sneaker. In the same fashion, Kendall Jenner the model is a person who mixes beautifully this kind of sneaker with most of the outfits such as a body dress.


Bella Hadid looks sporty with a pair of Dad Sneaker

Bella Hadid is a loyal fan of sneaker shoes. In an interview with Coveteur, Bella Hadid said: “I have already owned 50 pairs of sneaker!”. Bella looks sporty in a simple suit along with a famous Dad Sneaker of Nike.


the airpot style of Kaia Gerber with a Dad Sneaker

Kaia Gerber is a potential supermodel in the model world having a connoisseur and clever fashion taste. Look through her outfit at the airport, anyone can see her clever and flexible skill in the matching outfit with a “Dad Sneaker”.


Hailey Baldwin chooses a Dad Sneaker shoe of Adidas brand

Hailey Baldwin the beautiful model also catches up with this shoe trend. At the gym, she dresses a comfortable sporty outfit with a white “Dad Sneaker” of Adidas brand. She looks active, sporty, strong, and confident.