we should apply sunscreen before going out

Skin Protection – Should We Apply Sunscreen Before Or After Skin Lotion?

Although we use sunscreen daily for skin protection, lots of us still wonder: should we apply sunscreen before or after skin lotion?
Applying sunscreen in the morning before going out is considered as the most important part in a skincare routine. Experts said that if we did not protect our skin from the sun, all our efforts or money on skincare would be meaningless. Understand that, sunscreen is an inseparable thing for all beautifiers; However, to prevent the sunscreen from drying our skin, we need a help from the skin lotion. This makes lots of us wonder: should we apply sunscreen before or after skin lotion?

we should apply sunscreen before going out

Let’s find out two kinds of sunscreen first!

Physical Sunscreen

Physical sunscreens contain mineral components such as zinc oxide or titanium dioxide to help reflect UV. When applying physical sunscreen, it’s like a mirror reflecting and diffusing UV rays.

physical suncreen is good for skin

Physical sunscreen is suitable for most skin types even sensitive skin as it is less irritating for the skin. the main function of titanium dioxide is to protect our skin from UVB rays, but it can prevent completely UVA’s spectrum. Instead, zinc oxide will stop both UVB and UVA attacks.

Chemical Sunscreen

Chemical sunblock often contains components such as oxybenzone, octinoxate, octisalate, avobenzone, etc. the combination among these components create a chemical reaction, which protects our skins. It absorbs UV rays then processes and decomposites before it hurts the skin. After that, UV rays are released in infrared rays.

chemical sunscreen for our skins

However, chemical sunscreen components are sometimes irritating to the skin easily. Otherwise, chemical sunscreen has a higher coverage than physical sunscreen, but it needs time to penetrate to work.

Should we apply sunscreen before or after skin lotion?

Recently, some information says that “we should apply sunscreen before skin lotion with physical sunscreen and after with chemical sunscreen”. experts stated that it is not true.
An unchangeable rule in skincare routine is to apply sunscreen in the last step. It’s the last step in the skincare process but the first step before makeup with scream, gel or wax. Nevertheless, if it is powdered sunscreen, we can apply it in the final step to complete the makeup.

we should apply sunscreen after lotion

After applying skin lotion, we should wait for a few minutes for penetration. Therefore, when applying sunscreen, moisturizers will not interfere with its effect. Especially, we must notice that we should not mix moisturizer, the foundation with sunscreen as that will destroy the sunscreen formula.

Some reasons to apply lotion before sunscreen

Protect our skin better

sunscreen protects our skins better

Sunscreen is like a layer separating our skins with other agents. If other screams cover on sunscreen, it will affect the quality of this protective layer. Therefore, sunscreen is always the final step in the skincare routine.

Ensure the effectiveness of the lotion

sunscreen ensure the effectiveness of skin lotion

Sunscreen is like a strong wall that prevents every impact even it is good or bad. For this reason, if we apply sunscreen before, it will stop essences of lotion into your skin.

Limit the harmful effects of cosmetic makeup

sunscreen limits bad effects from cosmetic makeup

Though cosmetics make us more beautiful and gorgeous, it still contains harmful chemical elements that will hurt the skin. In that case, to limit these unexpected things, sunscreen shows its role as a barrier to prevent bad agents from our skins.