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Skyscraper Review: The Rock Unarmed Man Against The Fire Tower

“Skyscraper” begins when Will Sawyer (Dwayne Johnson) – FBI agent – lost a leg in the mission. After retirement, he opened a security consultancy firm for skyscrapers. Billionaire Zhao Long Ji (Chin Han) invited him to Hong Kong to ensure security measurements for the tallest tower in the world. In this Skyscraper review article, All Know-How will review the main character who contributes to the success of Skyscraper.

The attractive content focused on the main character

Skyscraper Review: Dwayne Johnson with the dangerous swinging scence
Dwayne Johnson with the dangerous swinging scene – Skyscraper review

The joy of being inhabitants in Jade Tower didn’t prolong as a terrorist group was determined to burn the tower. Will Sawyer was forced to fight against the flame and the professional mercenaries to rescue the stranded family.

After his appearance in such blockbusters as Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Rampage or Fast and Furious, The Rock has become one of the world’s top muscle actresses.

This time, his opponents were both mercenaries and the height of this skyscraper of 1,100 meters.

Of course, the filmmakers have exploited these terrible factors excellently. Dwayne Johnson as a King Kong swang in the sky at an unbelievable height. The panoramic angles which were interlaced throughout the film made those who were “boldest” flesh creep.

The high and dangerous walls together with the very fast wind challenge the viewers to hold their breath. Moreover, the director Rawson Marshall Thurber cleverly added series of “sudden” slides to make their heart to miss a beat. The swinging or chasing scenes became more dramatic as Will Sawyer’s prosthetic legs seemed to drop … out. Moreover, the former FBI agent also participated in a lot of actions and eye-catching fights.

Skyscraper review: some drawbacks

However, the filmmakers did not pay much attention to the script. Skyscraper script contained a lot of silly drawbacks. Despite being the most expensive and secure building in the world, it is unbelievably easy to penetrate Jade Tower. This tower had a superficial security system.

Zhao Long Ji transferred the security control right of the 200-floor building into a tiny tablet computer without defense. Then, he confined it to Will Sawyer – a person he met once.

The crime group led by Kores Botha wanted to burn the tower for the attention of police and people around the world despite just wanting to steal a billionaire’s item. The group’s escape plan was so simple that it was ridiculous.
However, the Hong Kong guardian of security and order were very “useless”. They did nothing but ask or express their deep concerns. Even they needed others to guide them for investigations or the simplest professional competence.

They seemed to appear for the viewers not questioning without any usefulness. The police were even more superficial than the terrorists.

Skyscraper Review: Will Sawyer as a King Kong climbed outside the building with his bare hands and a tape
Will Sawyer as a King Kong climbed outside the building with his bare hands and a tape – Skyscraper review

Will Sawyer almost handled both the police and the crime group throughout the movie. Like a superhero, he climbed out of the tower at the 96th floor with his bare hands and a tape. Then, the former agents jumped, fought, swung, or even took a bullet for nearly 100 minutes without feeling tired. “Skyscraper” was exactly a private playground for The Rock to show off.

Not having many scenes for acting, the actor cast in this movie was prominent. The villains mainly acted to be “cool”. Meanwhile, The Rock was both a father loving his son with his heart and a muscled warrior like his other films.

Skyscraper, overall, is quite entertaining, but not much impressive and meaningful, especially compared to the blockbusters inspired by such classical works as Die Hard (1988) and The Towering Inferno (1974).

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