sri lanka travel tips
sri lanka travel tips

Sri Lanka Travel Tips: Experiences For A Wonderful Trip

Sri Lanka attracts tourists from all over the world for many reasons. But not all of us know how to have a wonderful trip to Sri Lanka. In this article, All Know-How will share with you Sri Lanka travel tips – the valuable experiences to have the desired visit to this amazing country.

sri lanka travel tips
Sri Lanka view


First, one special thing is that eating with hands makes everyone to feel comfortable while we have a meal together. That is why we should bring a hand sanitizer to wash our hand before eating anything.

Sri Lanka travel tips
Eating with hands make other people who eat with us to feel comfortable

Second, after we are invited to have a meal with other people, it is polite to tidy up our dishes. Sri Lanka people highly appreciate highly.

Third, the food in Sri Lanka is quite aperient (this is in a good sense!); therefore, we should bring some toilet papers. However, we will not have a stomachache, don’t worry!

Forth, bananas are at a very low price, so we should buy about a dozen bananas for eating every day. This will ensure our energy for a long trip.

Sri Lanka travel tips
Bananas are at a very low price and helpful for our trip

Fifth, if we eat popular restaurants or street food, we don’t need to worry about their prices as they are very reasonable. For example, a coconut cost about 40-50 rupee. Roti food plus 1 or 2 curry dishes plus a cake will just cost about 110 rupees.

Sixth, the majority of them just eat chicken, fish, and beans. Hence, it’s hard for us if we feel an appetite for other foods.

Seventh, for the three main meals, the breakfast has roti food with curry or some cakes or sodas with sauces. The lunch meal will include mainly rice and curry. The Sri Lankans eat other foods for dinner, they might be rice with fried chicken or kottu food.

Sri Lanka travel tips
Rice with curry is the main dishes in the Sri Lankan’s meals

In addition, the Sri Lankans eat quite late. They can eat lunch at 1h30 or 2 pm, eat dinner at 8 or 9 pm. This also explains why they often own a big belly.

Moreover, it is extremely regretful if we do not eat seafood here.

Sri Lanka travel tips
Seafood in Sri Lanka is very delicious

Finally, apart from big cities such as Colombo or Kandy, we will not find a place to sell fast food. But when we go back to Colombo, we will find KFC, Burger King, and Pizza Hut.

Sri Lanka travel tips
Pizza Hut in Sri Lanka


Firstly, it is possible for us to stay overnight at a temple, and we should donate a little money.

Secondly, during our visit to Sri Lanka, we will discover many different beautiful places. It requires us to change our hosts for convenience. Therefore, Couchsurfing is something we can not ensure. Just go and try, we will gain many precious experiences.

Sri Lanka travel tips
Sri Lanka travel tips
Sri Lanka travel tips
Sri Lanka travel tips


Firstly, be careful when meeting some stranger who naturally talks to us and offers to. If we feel that he/she is a good person, then we can try to talk a little bit. But be careful.

Sri Lanka travel tips
Be careful with a stranger

Furthermore, never receive something from a stranger. Especially in case we are climbing a mountain or near the temple (except that we are inside the temple), someone suddenly waves and ties wire to our wrist. Then they ask us to donate, we should say we don’t have money. If we are in the temple, we can donate 20 or 50 rupees

Especially, except for some tourist areas such as Kandy, Colombo, and Nuwara Eliya, some people can understand English. Otherwise, we just use our body language to communicate. Furthermore, people in Colombo speak English well and fluently, so it is usual to see a group going together and using English to communicate. However, this does not happen often.

Sri Lanka travel tips
Sri Lanka travel tips


In Sri Lanka, it is useful to not look at men’ eyes. The reason is quite funny, but we should note this.

For many temples we can enter without much climbing such as Colombo, Kandy, Anuradhapura, Dambulla, or Polonnaruwa, we should wear flip-flops as they keep our feet clean.

Sri Lanka travel tips
We should wear flip-flops before entering the temples

In addition, whether they agree, refuse, or say nothing, the Sri Lankans shrug their shoulders and shake their heads. Don’t be so surprised. If we would like to have a seat, ask them again for or leave to see their reactions.

Sri Lankan children and their parents are also very nice. They also love to take pictures, so when we take pictures of them, we should let them see their pictures.

Sri Lanka travel tips
Children and adults in Sri Lanka are very keen on taking pictures

The fifteenth day of the lunar calendar will be a day off, so drinking and trading beer or alcohol are banned. In case we travel to Sri Lanka on this day, we can buy beer one day before this day and then have a drink inside our home. Moreover, most of the shops will sell vegetarian food on this day, we should try to eat them because Sri Lankan vegetarian food is extremely delicious.

Sri Lanka travel tips
The vegetarian food in Sri Lanka is very delicious: Sri Lanka travel tips

Next, it is vital for us to wear long pants or skirts which are over the knees. This is convenient for girls to enter the temples as well as not to be paid attention.


In Sri Lanka, there are a lot of mosquitoes, especially in mountains. Hence, it is vital to bring a mosquito repellent spray during the trip.

On the other hand, the weather is relatively hot in Sri Lanka. Though it is not extremely hot, we also should bring a hat, or we can buy our favorite one here. It cost only about 150 rupees (~2 USD).

Sri Lanka travel tips
The weather is not extremely hot, but we should bring a hat

Third, the number of days each person spends on visiting Sri Lanka will be different. Nevertheless, we should stay here at least one week to discover the must-see places.

Forth, it is vital to go out after 7:30 pm as less as possible (if we are not in Colombo or Kandy, Nuwara Eliya). This is because it is very dangerous. Around that time, everyone has been already home, and shops have closed.

Finally, in Kandy, we should buy souvenirs at the Queen’s Hotel. In Colombo, we can buy them at the Dutch’s Hospital (the same chain with the Kandy). Not only these souvenirs but also the clothes are very cute.

Sri Lanka travel tips
The Queen’s Hotel


In case we travel by rickshaw cars which do not have car payment calculators, we should negotiate the price.

Sri Lanka travel tips
We should negotiate the price when we travel by a rickshaw car without the car payment calculator

Second, we should travel by train if we go from anywhere to Colombo or from Colombo due to the beautiful sceneries and the terrible traffic in Sri Lanka.

Third, if we change USD through LKR in Kandy or Colombo, we can use automatic exchange ATM.

Forth, there are various means of transportation in Sri Lanka such as train, bus, and rickshaw car (or tuk-tuk car). There are two types of buses: large non-air-conditioned ones and small air-conditioned ones. For the trip Colombo – Kandy, or Colombo – Galle, we can go by train to see the beautiful scenes outside. However, from Colombo to Galle, we can travel by bus as it is close.

For the trip Colombo – Anuradhapura, or Kandy – Nuwara Eliya – Ella, we should take the train, about 200-300 rupees only. This is because we will not get the traffic jam, and we can also enjoy the more beautiful scene. It is wonderful if we have a seat near the window, or stand at the entrance because it is easier to see. Other foreign visitors also often stand like that.

Sri Lanka travel tips
Traveling by train is a good choice to enjoy a beautiful scene

For buses, we can choose to travel just in cities such as Colombo, or nearby routes without trains such as trains from Nuwara Eliya to the Horton Plains, or from Dambulla to Kandy. For trains or buses from Colombo, we can come to the train station in Colombo Fort. For those who live in Mount Lavinia, we can reach the Mount Lavinia train station (we can ask the local people for guidance). The bus stop will have the names of the destinations in Latin characters. Moreover, the bus fee is extremely cheap, so we don’t have to worry much.

Sri Lanka travel tips
Buses are also suitable means of transport for nearby places

More importantly, we need to have a sense of humor, a sense of curiosity and a little bit risk to discover Sri Lanka. All these things will make our trip to Sri Lanka wonderful as well as unforgettable. About experiences, the more we travel, the more we get.

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