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What To Do In Naganeupseong – The “Folk” Village

what to do in Naganeupseong

The cold Winter is closing in. But before that, we still have time to enjoy the cool weather of Autumn and its beautiful sights. Visiting somewhere peaceful is an excellent choice to feel the chilly wind of Autumn and spend some time laying off all worries. This time, we would …

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Hotels In South Korea: Top Hotels You Should Know

Hotels In South Korea

Hotels in South Korea are always one of the concerns of many visitors when they travel to this country. However, there are lots of hotels in South Korea with different services. If we don’t know much about these hotels, we may stay in an unexpected one. Therefore, in this article, …

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South Korean Culture: Some Manners You Should Avoid

south korean culture

South Korean culture bases on Confucianism which lasted 600 years old. Along with that, when we travel, work, study or live in Korea, we should pay attention to some South Korean culture or manners. This will help us quickly adapt to life as well as people here. Also, these manners …

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Korean Lotte World – An Entertainment Paradise Of Adventure Games

korean lotte world

Korean Lotte World is a large entertainment complex in Seoul. It includes the world’s largest indoor amusement park and has set a Guinness record. Besides, the Korean Lotte World opens all year round. More especially, it is really an outdoor recreation  being “Magic Island” with wonderful infrastructure. It contains an …

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Namsan Seoul Tower – A Destination Charming Visitors

namsan seoul tower

Namsan Seoul tower is surely a destination we must not miss if we choose Seoul as our place to visit in Korea. With its charming beauty, the tower attracts lots of visitors to come to visit each year. Hence, in this article, All Know-How would like to introduce how so …

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Traveling Around Korea – Tips For A Great Trip

Traveling around Korea-nền

Traveling around Korea must be a wish of many people, especially ones who love Korean films and its entertainment. In addition, Korea is famous for its landscape and attractive culture. Hence, traveling around Korea is very worthy as it brings us lots of interests and wonderful memories. Therefore, in this …

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