things to do in florence
The river Arno is lovely and gentle everytime

Things To Do In Florence – The City Of Art In Italy

The central Italian with the bright sun stretches over the olive garden, straight cypresses like arrows up to the sky. Let’s explore the city of art in Italy and things to do in Florence with All Know-How!
These images in the movie Under the Tuscan Sun obsessed my many years, making me think about Italia. If traveling to Italia, we will come to the Tuscany area, Florence city, a tranquil countryside. However, it seems to be a rare place that remains the purest customs of Italia.

The slow life-flow in Florence city

The plane took me to Florence – the metropolis of Tuscany on a beautiful sunny day of the summer. Not having sky building, or metro system, Florence is beautiful and splendid by Catholic churches, chilly small alleys made from monolithic green rocks. Sometimes, a medium trunk which pastes Da Vince’s photo – the proud of Italian arts, sculpture, and architect runs across instead of too many billboards. On the way to the hotel, we saw many musicians who play classical music on the street. Moreover, Schindler’s List in the old quarter of a violin may be the best music we have ever heard. Such a lovely city!

the center of Florence in the sunset
Florence is gorgeous under the sunset

Florence is covered with the beautiful sunset

In addition, one of the things to do in Florence is to find something to eat, a sandwich in Florence style? We went to the Semel bakery – one of the most famous bakeries in Florence, where has not only delicious sandwiches but also cheap wine with only 1 Euro per goblet. Semel is operated by a funny guy. They were singing, dancing while doing their work.

the trunk pasted a painting of Da Vince
A trunk pasted a painting of Da Vinci on it


the oldest bridge in Florence Ponte Vecchio
The famous bridge Ponte Vecchio across the river Arno

If you want to find a place to live slowly, immerse yourself in the greatest art and cuisine, you must visit Tuscany. It’s not a coincidence that Tuscany food is chosen by most Italian restaurants to be the proud cuisine style to introduce to the world. An Italian said to me: “You must try Fiorentina – if don’t, you have never been in Tuscany!”. The full name of Fiorentina is Bistecca Alla Fiorentina – a featured cuisine attached with the prosperous of Firenze city (Florence) on XVI century. Especially, the meat to make Fiorentina must be the porterhouse part taken from calves raised at green pastures of Tuscany.

The naked David Statue of Piazza della Signoria
The naked David Statue is in Piazza Della Signoria, but the real statue is in the museum Galleria dell’Accademia – the pride of Florence’s people

Where to see in Florence

Additionally, Florence city has a lot of museums and large cathedrals and churches. We bought two tickets to Galleria dell’ Accademia Museum – where displays the naked David statue and the church Cathedral di Santa Maria del Fiore – the biggest Catholic church in Europe. Father of the statue is Michelangelo sculptured from marble when he was 26 years old. The days in Tuscany, I stayed at Vaan’s house – An original Italian house: high ceiling, white wall, solid wood floor. Uniquely, they gild each detail of the house gorgeously from the doorknob to toilet paper box.

the gentle river Arno in Florence
The river Arno is lovely and gentle every time – Things To Do In Florence

Florence is beautiful with every corners

Sunrise is peaceful on the fields at Tuscany
Sunrise is peaceful on the fields at Tuscany

There are a comfortable bed and lots of Renaissance paintings around the room. Vaan – the lady owner called it a funny name: Innocenti Studio. She is friendly and lovely as a mother. Vaan always showed me interesting spots that absolutely I cannot find if I go alone. “If you want to admire the most beautiful sunset in Tuscany, climb to the Piazzale Michelangelo peak” – she suggested. On the peak, we listened to music, drank beer and waited for the sunset completely. On the way back home, I met a street artist, his tools are not flashy, he just uses small chalks and his hand to create the painting La Joconde right on the rough road surface.

amazing scenery of Florence from the hill Piazzale Michelangelo
Admiring Florence from the peak of Piazzale Michelangelo hill

The more we stay in Florence, the more we understand: why the Italian call Florence is the art city. People of Florence respect the art, they enjoy classic and luxury things but never out-of-date: making leather things, collecting ink pen, making crafts. This is also typical for this area: a slow pace of life, ignoring a rugged life out there.

The beautiful countryside

There is a famous quote from the Italian: “La dolce vita – the sweet life” It reminds us to think on our own way, don’t view the life on the majority. Moreover, Tuscany in general and Florence, in particular, brought us amazing feelings about the love for this life.

fairy beauty in Florence
The scenery of Florence is a fairy beauty

The days after, we cached the train to the countrysides of Tuscany: Siena, Cortona, Chianti. The sunflowers covered all the fields. In the garden, tomatoes are ripe to make the traditional spaghetti. Ripe fruits are ready for the harvest time. This is the moment we will never forget in our life, a romantic and special summer as we dreamt about.

bustling street in Florence
The street is bustling in Florence

In Florence city, there is a famous bronze statue: the wild boar II Porcellino statue at the leather market gat Mercato Nouvo. People will put coins in the mouth of the wild boar, rub its nose and pray. Legendary says that if your coin falls into water, you will have lucks in your life and chances coming back to Florence. I am sure that anyone comes to this lovely Tuscany, they all want to come back. They come back to pick their heart that they forgot in the first time seeing Florence.