things to do in salzburg
Beautiful Salzburg from above

Things To Do In Salzburg – Peaceful Paradise of Austria

This is the hometown of the child prodigy Mozart and famous fields of golden flowers side by side the Alps. In Autumn days, people may ask themselves: “Am I the only one living here ?”. It’s the city of Salzburg, the peaceful paradise of Austria. Now, let’s explore things to do in Salzburg with!

Beautiful Salzburg from above
Beautiful Salzburg from above

Places to visit in Salzburg?

For the second time to Europe, we chose to explore the Eastern Europe roads. The plan was to visit Berlin-Munich, Hohenschwangau village (Germany), Praha (Czech Republican), Hallstatt and Salzburg village (Austria). After greeting the stunning view of the “little heart of Europe” Praha, we are on my way to Salzburg – the home to the great musical genius Mozart.

At first, the destination that we mainly expected to see in Austria is the “fairy tale village” Hallstatt. We chose to stop by Salzburg since it is not far from the other village. But then, it was Salzburg, the place we did not plan to stay for long, made our heart flutter.

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Stunning view of Salzburg
Stunning view of Salzburg

The “ghost” train from Praha to Salzburg

From the capital of the Czech Republican, it takes 6 hours on a train and one change of train in Linz to get to Salzburg. This is the reason why people rarely choose this path. The code TRN1543 train of mine started from Praha center station. There were 6 people in 3 carriages away from my seat, together with the female ticket inspector was 7 people. Each of us had a 6-seat carriage for ourselves with nothing but the sound of the train around.

Then the ticket inspector showed up, spoke English with a heavy accent. She went through every carriage to tell everyone to get down at a railway station with a long Germany name since that train did not go straight to the Linz station as in the ticket said. Soon after, she disappeared in the long and wide hallway of the carriages. Sometimes we felt like we were on a ghost train since it was so quiet. The train was so big but the people was so few. However, this gave us the chance to see the sights along the road. When the train started to move into Austrian territory, the very first thing to appear was the garish golden fields on the green background of grass. We thought that we are going to visit heaven.

Fileds of golden flowers
Fields of golden flowers

After arriving at a station, the train stopped for quite a long time, leaving us in bewilderment. Suddenly, a guy seems to be Asian passed by and saw us in my seat. He told us: “You are going to Linz right? Come on down.” We struggled to get our suitcase and then realized that there were only 6 passengers on the train. Everyone got down and walked in a solitary station in the middle of nowhere. There was a bus waiting near the station. We took 45 minutes to ride on the bus to get to Linz and then got on another train code RJ566 for one more hour. Finally, we arrived at Salzburg Hauptbahnhof station later that afternoon.

The train to Salzburg
The train to Salzburg

A small but lavish city

Salzburg is not only the place where the great Mozart lived half of his short life but it is also the heart of Austrian theater. This is one of the most well-preserved ancient cities in Europe. The little ancient streets which do not take much of your time to be explored possess squares, churches, and giant statues. You may find yourself small in the midst of the city.
The house where Mozart was born and raised lies on a small road in the middle of the ancient streets. The outside has a yellow color and the name “Mozarts Geburtshaus” painted on. This place nowadays has become a famous museum holding many documents about the great composer Mozart and his family. While admiring the historic artifacts and bathing in the imperishable music of Mozart from the inside of the house, we find Salzburg truly the sleeping paradise of Austria. After hundreds of years of technology development, the city still holds its nostalgia looks and the slow pace of life.

Mozart is in every corner of the city
Mozart is in every corner of the city

Though the streets are relatively small, stores sell all kind of luxury goods. Since the price in Praha is quite cheap, we were a bit shock to find it quite expensive in Salzburg. A Rubber Duck toy made of plastic costs 10 Euro. Mozart shape chocolate and beautiful Christmas decorations displayed in the sparkling glass boxes catch the attention of anyone passing by. If you can not hold yourself, you may burn a fortune buying souvenirs.

Catchy but expensive souvenirs
Catchy but expensive souvenirs

Lying to the South of the ancient streets is the Hohensalzburg fortress. This is the biggest historic fortress of the Middle Europe that is still existing until today. This was the home to the royal family, bishops, military camp and also used as a prison. The rooms are even overlaid with gold. You can take the climbing train to get to the fortress instead of walking all the way. This is also the perfect chance to sight the whole city and the faraway Alps. If you want to try something new, you can buy a ticket to see the opera concert performed by an Austrian orchestra.

The majestic Hohensalzburg fortress
The majestic Hohensalzburg fortress

Stiegl Brauwelt beer factory is one of the places in Salzburg impressed us the most. The factory offered you a tour to learn about the production procedure, substances of the product and enjoy the fresh draught beer. To someone who appreciates beer and wine, it is hard to leave without some types of beer on your hands to enjoy in the late night in the hotel room.

“Like a rolling stone” on the river bank

While wandering along the Salzach river bank, we listened to the street artist performing the famous “like a rolling stone” of Bob Dylan. The old song strangely suited so well with the ancient beauty of the city in the gloaming.

The romantic Salzach river
The romantic Salzach river

The image of the fields of golden flower and the majestic Alps far far away keep coming around every time Salzburg comes on my mind. Salzburg is where they filmed the classic musical movie “The Sound of Music”.
If the short Summer in Salzburg has music festivals, street stages and tourists from all places, the Autumn here is strangely silent. Austria is in the middle of Europe so Winter is longer and Summer is quite short. A friend of mine who used to live in Salzburg said that Summer festivals and tourist sometimes make the locals fell uncomfortable and annoying since there is no privacy around during that time of the year. But when Autumn arrives, they might wonder: “Hey, am I the only one living here ?”. However, that is the reason why we find the peacefulness of the city.

Silent streets of Salzburg in AUntumn
Silent streets of Salzburg in Autumn

The last night before leaving Salzburg, after wandering around the ancient streets again, I stopped at an Irish bar named Shamrock lying under the road to downtown. Sipping Whiskey and enjoying some live music was so fantastic for a chilly night. The band played songs of The Rolling Stones like I can’t get any satisfaction, Get off my cloud, Paint it black or It’s over now,…

Best places to stay in Salzburg, Austria

The old town, Mozart’s house, Hohensalzburg fortress, Salzach river bank, Stiegl Brauwelt beer factory, mount Untersberg (16km away from the city), Mirabell Palace.
– Time your trip to Salzburg during the festivals to see the outdoor concerts.
– Buy Salzburg Card with various types such as 24, 48 or 72 hours types. This card allows you to use every public transportation in the city and visit some places without having to buy tickets. This card can be bought at the central station.
– Esszimmer restaurant (Mullner Hauptstrasse 33)
– Café Sacher (Schwarzstrasse 5-7)
– Rialto cream (Anton Neumayr Platz 5)
– Weberbartlweg 20 adventure sports (Flytandem Paragliding)


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