things to know about china before visiting
Things to know about China before visiting

Things To Know About China Before Visiting

China is a beautiful destination with the longstanding history. Nowadays, it is becoming an attractive tourism for Vietnamese. Here are some things to know about China before visiting:

autumn in Jiuzhaigou China


Most hotels in Fenghuang, Hunnam are not equipped with personal gadgets. Due to that, you should bring yours such as toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, shower milk, facial cleaner, towels, comb, and hairdryer, etc.

An amazing hotel in China is underwater
Each hotel has its own equipment. When check-in, you should check if there is something broken or missed then report to the reception. If not, when check-out, you have to compensate for the broken equipment though it is not your faults.
With your properties at the hotel, tourists should block the luggage carefully before going sightseeing. Don’t leave too many high-value properties and money in the luggage. Bring it to follow you just in case.

the majestic nature in Jiuzhaigou

Fruits and Foods

Besides, Chinese foods have a lot of oil and don’t have fish sauce and chili sauce. You should bring common medicines for a headache, stomachache, and other therapeutic medications.

A typical meal in China looks delicious
Fresh fruits and foods are not imported into China.

As many countries in the world, the maximum cash you can bring to China is 5.000 USD, if it is more than that, you have to declare to customs. China uses Renminbi, so the relative exchange rate is 15 dollars for 100 renminbi.

a gorgeous hotel at dawn in Fenghuang


When buying something, you should compare the price. Supermarkets here sell things with differential prices. If you go to the local markets, you should bargain before buying. You should consider taking the products before paying. When buying jewelry, you should choose carefully and negotiate the price.

a beautiful town in China at night

Fenghuang is an ancient city


Bring suitable clothes to the weather, dress smartly when visiting temples, pagodas.

Forbidden City is a must-visit place when in China
Take an umbrella to you in case the unpredictable rain. You should wear comfortable shoes or sandals as you have to walk a lot.
Chinese time zone is differential to Vietnamese an hour.

Chinese Wall is a natural heritage of the world

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