tips for safe and healthy exercise

Tips for Safe And Healthy Exercise: 5 Must-Know Harmful Habits

Tips for Safe And Healthy Exercise: 5 Must-Know Harmful Habits

When doing exercise without paying attention to the following harmful habits, you may experience fatigue, dizziness, even fainting. All Know-How will provide you with tips for safe and healthy exercise in this article.

Before, during and after exercise, some people may have some habits that affect their health. These habits may simply be not starting or relaxing your muscles after workouts, or just sit back after exercising with high intensity, even having a bath immediately after the exercise.
Therefore, if you have one of the wrong habits, you should change as soon as possible.

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Do Not Warm Up Before Doing Exercise and Relax After That

tips for safe and healthy exercise
Warm – up before doing exercise

If you do not follow any tips for safe and healthy exercise, your health can be greatly affected. At this time, you will experience the condition of the muscle involved in the movement and be stopped abruptly, resulting in the amount of oxygen and blood was not circulated in time. This can cause the muscles in the body to fail properly, causing discomfort and injury during the training.

So, take about 5-10 minutes before exercising to warm up the body. And before the end of the exercise, you should spend another 5 to 10 minutes of gentle exercise to help your heart rate stable again.

Sit Down Immediately After The Workout

tips for safe and healthy exercise

One of the next tips for safe and healthy exercise is not sitting down immediately after the workout. After doing exercise, your body will fall into a state of fatigue, discomfort; the muscles will tense, even painful. Therefore, if you sit down immediately after the exercise, it can seriously affect the process of blood circulation in the body, it is even easier to make the body as well as muscle aches and tension. To avoid the bad consequences of the exercise, you should walk slowly for about 10 minutes and deep breathing will help the body, as well as the muscles, eliminate fatigue, aches

Have A Bath After The Workout

tips for safe and healthy exercise

The speed of blood circulation in your body will increase faster after exercise, followed by the intensity of exercise and the heart beat faster, stronger. Even if you take a bath with hot or cold water, the blood circulation in the muscles and under the skin will continue to increase rapidly, easily lead to the blood supply to other organs is not enough. In addition, bathing immediately after the exercise is more likely to lead to cerebral ischemia, severe cases can cause heart attack, life-threatening? To help to stabilize the body back, you should wait for the body to sweat heart rate and breathe well, dry the body after about 20 minutes to bathe.

Using Fan or Air Conditioner Right After Practice

tips for safe and healthy exercise

Many people, who practice right after exercise, sit in the air conditioning room or stand in front of the electric fan to cool the body. However, when exercising, the blood vessels under the skin to expand, and the body temperature rises, causing the pores to expand and produce more sweat. Therefore, body cooling in these ways can disrupt the function of regulating body temperature, causing impaired immune function, susceptibility to colds, diarrhea, asthma, and some other diseases.


tips for safe and healthy exercise

Workout helps your health better. However, if you over-workout, it can cause damage to your heart as well as health later. Over-exercising causes the body to lose energy, which affects the function of the muscles.

Do you have any such habits? Let’s change your mind and begin a safe and healthy workout process!

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