trendy short hairstyles 2018

Top Trendy Short Hairstyles 2018

You own a short hair and you think it is hard to do any styles with your messy hair? Don’t worry, let’s consider top trendy short hairstyles 2018 shared by All Know-How!

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Instead of hours in front of a mirror with the tired arms to curl the long hair, the short one will help you time-saving for that staff.

wavy hairstyles for short hair

wavy hairstyles for shoulder-length hair

You don’t need to curl each lock of hair care. Some way locks are enough to have a beautiful short hair but look natural.

wavy hairstyles for short hair like famous stars

wavy hairstyles for any girls with short hair


Every kind of braided hairstyles will make you become extremely girly. Take a little hair on two sides, make it into two braids then tie after by a hairclip. You can also pull the braids a little bit to make your hair look thicker.

half-up braided hair makes your hair look thicker

Besides, this braided hairstyle from the top is simple but eye-catching. Braid your hair from the top then pull slightly all knots to make it look bigger. After that, tie your braids and hide it inside. Similarly, you can also curl the hair tail to make your hair bobbing

braided hair from the top is simple but attractive

beautiful braided hair from the top

Girls who are more clever can try the waterfall braid hairstyle.

waterfall braided hairstyles for short hair


Sometimes, it is difficult to tie the hair after your nape if you have short hair. A simple solution for this issue is half-up hairstyles.

dynamic half-up hairstyles

The most simple way is to use a hair clip to tie some forward locks of hair after your head.

using small hairclip for half-up hairstyle

half-up hairstyles for short hair

Moreover, you can twist your hair before tying it up combining with some small braids to make your short hair look more gentle and elegant.

half-up braided hairstyles

Half-up chignon hairstyle is also a dynamic solution for short hair girls.

half-up chignon hairstyle for short hair


A headband is an accessory for any hair lengths. You can choose a simple headband for the daily hairstyle or sparkling one for important events.

floral pattern headband for hairstyle

sparkling headband for short hairstyle
A luxurious hairclip will make your hairstyle more splendid many times.

fantastic hairclip for short hairstyle
Especially, a simple scarf can be a useful hair accessory for you.

using simple scarf for short hairstyle decoration


If you feel tired with making hairstyles, why don’t you try bob of pixie style? These kinds will force you to the salon usually for keeping, but for offset, you don’t have to worry much before going out.

beautiful pixie hairstyle

attractive pixie hairstyle
Bob or pixie hairstyles help you show off your charming neck and eardrops.

bob style for short hair


To have a nice short hair, sometimes you need to care about the bangs. Styling short hair with the bang is an awesome way to shake up your hairstyle. It makes your face look smaller and younger.

bang hair make your face smaller

lovely short hair with bangs
The bulge of hair is an important element for any hairstyles as well as with bangs. A tip when styling for your bang is using Velcro rollers. This thing will help your bang bulge out without hurting your hair like hair curling machine.

short hairstyles with bangs

looking younger with bang hairstyle



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