Versace Collection 2019 brings a younger, more modern and minimalist image to the beautiful facet
versace collection 2019

Versace Collection 2019: Perfect Beauty Of Spring-Summer Collection

With the highlight of little flowers, Versace Collection 2019 brings natural and glamorous images inspired by women’s power.
Donatella Versace evokes the charm of the beautiful facet through the modern fashion prism in Versace Spring – Summer Collection 2019.

A younger image in the Versace collection 2019
The Versace Collection 2019 brings a younger image

In the first place, the collection is a modern image spotlighting with neon-colored tones, little flowers patterns with the body style. Once attached with rebellious sensual, Versace has moderated and become softer.

An outfit with blazer in Versace collection 2019
The Versace Spring – Summer Collection 2019 is about the power of modern women


A neon-colored tone custom with body fashion in Versace collection 2019
Follow the prominence, Versace introduce body dress in neon-colored tone


a modern custom in yellow of Versace collection 2019
Versace shows a new style which is more fashionable, minimalist and modern

First, the collection focusing on little flower patterns of Versace was varied on body-fashion designs. Donatella simplified periodic jewelry, which is the symbol of fashion legacy – Gianna, becoming simpler and more realistic. Young model’s image with small-chain belts, high-heels, and wrapped-details create modern and gentle sense. Donatella brings another glamorous image of women like an affirmation about the soft strength of women.

little flower patterns is the highlight of Versace collection 2019
Little flower patterns are the highlight of the collection


little flower patterns tights of the Versace collection 2019
Little flower patterns tights are the outstanding accessories in Versace collection 2019


short dress printed little flowers patterns with high-heel in Versace collection 2019
Short dress printed little flower patterns matching with high-heel looks simple and modern

In addition, to approach young ladies, Donatella had inspiration from street fashion. Sneakers shoes certainly will be a significant accessory of the season, which designed with yellow, green and white color. Flower-patterns tights are also a fashion trend of street style, but it was designed as fashion DNA of Versace.

yellow body dress mixes with sneaker in versace collection 2019
The yellow one-shoulder dress mixes with the same color sneaker

Coupled with vibrant costumes, Versace Spring – Summer Collection 2019 also introduces black dress with asymmetrical two wires, designed with a thin belt, attracting all eyes of young ladies and mature women.

two-wire black dress in Versace collection 2019
The design of the asymmetrical two-wire black dress is suitable for many women’s styles


mature women style in newest design of versace collection 2019
Mature women find the natural charm in the new collection of Versace

Surprisingly, spectators were interested in the appearance of the supermodel from decades 90 – Shalom Harlow. This is the comeback show of the Canadian supermodel after 6 years. Dressing up a flower-printed dress with penetrant patterns, Shalom had proud catwalks making spectator surprised at the women’s power.

the reappeaarance of veteran super model in versace collection 2019
The re-appearance of the super-model from decades 90 Shalom Harlow brings the message about the power of the mature beauty

Together with Shalom Harlow, the model Freja Beha, Liua Kebede, and Anja Rubik appear and bring an overview image of women’s power. Young face such as Kendall Jenner and Emily Ratajkowski are outstanding models, however, catwalks of veteran models complete the message about the women’s power that Versace wants to transmit.