visit saint petersburg
visit saint petersburg

Visit Saint Petersburg – The Great Ancient City

When traveling to Russia, you certainly must visit Saint Petersburg – The great ancient city. Here, churches, museums, and palaces stand impressively, splendidly, and brilliantly with the history. Russia seems to change nothing after the War World II up to now. Historic architectures still completely remain and embrace the remnants of the war as the Russian has protected them like blood. Nobody knows after numerous savage fights, bombing attacks, these pillars still stand stably. You will feel this obviously through our Russia travel blog. Now, let’s go with All Know-How to visit Saint Petersburg – the great ancient city!

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1. Visit Saint Petersburg – The Church of Our Savior on the Spilled Blood

The Church of Our Savior on the Spilled Blood also known as The Church of the Resurrection is the most unique architecture of Russia. It was built in memory of Alexander II, the greatest Russian tsar, who was assassinated in 1881.

The Church of Our Savior on the Spilled Blood in St. Petersburg, Russia
Visit Saint Petersburg – The Great Ancient City

It follows the traditional structure of other Russian Cathedral, typically looks like the St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow. The church has 9 colorful sophisticated carving domes. Given that it becomes a must-visit destination in Saint Petersburg to experience the city’s value of the history.

The Church of Our Savior on the Spilled Blood is the symbol of St. Petersburg

2. Hermitage Museum – The Winter Palace

The Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg

Don’t miss the Winter Palace and the Summer Palace when in Russia as two architectures feature a long deep history of Tsars. The Winter Palace is situated in 90.000-meter squares area. It was built as the desire of Queen Elizaveta I in 1754 – 1762. Its architecture follows the style and art of pure Baroque Europe. This is a living place of Tsars. Until 1922, through numerous historic vicissitudes, it became a huge visual museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

inside the Hermitage Museum looks stunning

The Winter Palace is a visual museum of St. Petersburg

The Hermitage Museum, one of the largest museum in the world, encompasses many buildings, which is located in the center of Saint Petersburg City. It preserves more than 3 million artifacts displayed in nearly 1000 rooms. We may take 18 years to visit and explore basically all the artifacts in the museum.

3. The Summer Palace

The Summer Palace is a construction, which is similar to the Versailles castle in France by its scale, the internal and external architectural arrangement, and the dedicate decoration details of the palace. The construction was officially recognized as a World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

The golden statues on the royal garden of the Peterhof Palace

They build the Peterhof Palace in 1714 under the emperor Tzar Peter Romanov. Many European masters of architecture were together to create such a beautiful artificial wonder. Emperor expressed his interest with the Versailles castle so he made an effort to build the same palace right on Russia. At that time, the emperor imagined that his construction could be well-known with a series of palaces and the large royal garden. His desire has become true nowadays. Descendants are thankful for the amazing architecture.

the beautiful palaces ad gardens in Peterhof Palace

The Russian respect and maintain carefully all the values of culture, history, and arts of the Summer Palace. Though thousands of visitors come here every day, it still remains all the artifacts in one piece. Visitors just can see and admire the items but absolutely can’t touch them.

4. Saint Isaac’s Cathedral

Saint Isaac’s Cathedral is the largest Russian Orthodox cathedral in Saint Petersburg, Russia. They built it in 40s year ordered by Tsar Alexander I. The cathedral is considered as a bronze horseman statue – the icon of Saint Petersburg.

St Issacs Cathedral is the largest one in St. Petersburg

This construction proves for the Russian fighting spirit eloquently. During the Second World War, people painted the domes over in gray to avoid the attracting attention from enemy’s aircraft. They put a navigation system at the peak of the dome to locate the enemy petard.

inside St. Issacs Cathedral looks gorgeous
After the fall of the Soviet government, the local restored and resumed the cathedral for worship activities regularly until now. Visitors are allowed to take photographs inside the cathedral.

All Know-How makes sure that Russia is still a secret to you. Let’s follow us to read more about the country you want to discover!

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