Washed Water From Rice For Skin – Naturally Brightening & Anti-Aging

Instead of pouring away, as usual, you just need to take advantage of rice water for skin brightening and anti-aging naturally. Rice water for beauty tips – a better way than expensive collagen. We were heard that rice water is amazing to gain a bright and smooth skin. But through time, when the cosmetics cover the whole market, rice water becomes a forgotten thing. This article will remind you about rice water and its benefits.

we can take advantge of rice water for smooth skin

Rice Water For Anti-Aging

Every day, we pour away rice water but do not notice that it is extremely good for our skin. it contains lots of vitamin B5 and other nutrients for the skin. For that reason, you can use rice water to wash our face or body for anti-aging and brightening skin. However, only rice water is not enough, here some blending method for you to get the best result: put rice water and a little cold water into a grinder; after grinding for the first time, add more cold water then grind it for the second time.

rice water for anti-aging

Next, keep that processed rice water overnight for the deposition, then you just keep the milk-colored water. Wash your face with the mixture of the rice water with warm water at the ratio of 1:1.5. Don’t let it in your fridge over 2 days, it will become moldy and degenerate.

Rice Water As Make-Up Remover

Take makeup remover cotton pads in rice water and wash your face. Use rice water as a kind of makeup remover can help your skin become brighter and softer gradually. Don’t forget to wash your face again with warm water after that.

Rice Water For Making Skin Smooth And Treating Acne Bruises

A kind of water like rice water is something that can smooth your skin and remover acne bruises effectively. Keep the deposited flour from the rice water to apply on your skin as a kind of mask then massage it for 15-20 minutes. Until it’s dried naturally, take the mask away and wash your face twice by rice water and cold water.
With this tip, you do it once a week. It will clean pores and lessen acne bruises.

rice water lessens your acne bruises

Rice Water For Whitening Teeth

Keep the rice water to brush your teeth. It can treat dental diseases well. This kind of toothpaste not only whitens your teeth but also make the mouth become aromatic without coming to the dentist for help.

rice water for whitening teeth