what to do in Naganeupseong
Naganeupseong village

What To Do In Naganeupseong – The “Folk” Village

The cold Winter is closing in. But before that, we still have time to enjoy the cool weather of Autumn and its beautiful sights. Visiting somewhere peaceful is an excellent choice to feel the chilly wind of Autumn and spend some time laying off all worries. This time, we would like to introduce to you the Naganeupseong village in Korea. You may wonder, what is so special about a village that worth visiting in the Autumn? Let’s find out with All Know-How and see what to do in Naganeupseong.

Naganeupseong village
Naganeupseong village

The unique “mushroom” village – Naganeupseong of Korea

Naganeupseong village is located in Jeollanam-do Province, southern Korea. This place was first built in 1937. Nowadays, it remains the home to 85 families living in the “mushroom” like houses. Back in 2011, UNESCO recognized the village as a World Cultural Heritage. Many tourists from all over the world come to visit it every year.

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The traditional beauty of Naganeupseong

Ancient fortress wall in Naganeupseong
Ancient fortress wall in Naganeupseong, which is also a part of the old village

Naganeupseong’s unique sights are houses with walls made out of the earth and thatched roofs that have been aging with time. People here change the roof once a year. Moreover, staying in Hanok style homestays (a kind of traditional house of Korea) is a quite exciting experience for tourists.

Old house in Naganeupseong
Old house in Naganeupseong

The locals still live in traditional ways. The yards, roads are not coated with cement but regular earth as for many years. They gather firewood for the winter instead of using heaters. By the look of the village, it brings you the feeling of peaceful and quiet, completely contrast with the fast developing and modern Korea.

traditional houses
Traditional houses

While roaming down the road here, you may come across women wearing traditional clothes. This is a part that makes us feel the old sense of ancient Korea.

traditional clothes for women
Traditional clothes for women

In case you are a history lover or just a fan of Korean historical films, this place is the perfect spot. Ancient scenes are reappeared in tourists site in the village. The price for the ticket to the area is 4.000 won ( about 3.5 dollars)
Besides tourism, the locals mainly earn their living by agriculture. They use the spare space in the garden to grow vegetables and breed seasonally.

historical stimulation by statues
Historical stimulation by statues

A guide to Naganeupseong

winter in naganeupseong
Winter in Naganeupseong

In the Spring and Summer, Naganeupseong covers itself with the green color of the plants. Autumn has a sad yellow tone while Winter brings the cold but gorgeous snow covering the village. From Seoul, it will take you 2 and a half hour on the KTX train (fast train), or you can take a 4 and a half hour ride on the bus from Express Bus Terminal station. Then the bus will stop at Suncheon station. After that, you can either take the 61, 63 or 68 bus to Naganeupseong.
Here are some of our suggestion for your trip to Naganeupseong. If you are looking for a place to find peace to your mind or some peaceful experience in the Autumn weather, you may find our tips useful on what to do in Naganeupseong.