world cup 2018 final
France vs Croatia

World Cup 2018 Final: France vs Croatia Racing

Until now, France always has given support; however, Croatia only has a wonderful team with enthusiastic hearts. Croatia tries their best to make a miraculous thing which can change all predictions of World cup 2018 final: unexpected but deserved final round. France and Croatia face off in World Cup 2018 final clearly illustrating for an unexpected world cup final but this result is extremely reasonable.

In Russian, the answer for the success of a football team is the collective strength, effective teamwork, generalship of coach and many decisive moments. This is the explanation why there is no presence of many famous football players such as Messi, Ronaldo or Neymar in the world cup final.
France and Croatia’s meeting in the World Cup 2018 final is the result of consistency and laboriousness. France has many famous football players on their team, but Croatia shows their solidarity from the first match.

France vs Croatia, France want to compensate for the failure in Euro 2016, however, Croatia, a small country with only more than 4 million people, has a desire of the win as a burning dream.

That is love, no pressure, no arrogance. Didier Deschamps and his students will be pressured because France is a “stronger” team and they failed in the past. They have to win in order to forget the failure at home in Euro 2016 final when they faced up with Portugal.

France: The choice for both past and now

France has a strong team: good defenders, balance in the center and astute attack, but “Goulois roosters” cannot show all their strengths anytime. However, France knows the ways to get the score in each battle.

With Didier Deschamps, he doesn’t need the adventure, he needs France to do necessary things, and everything is under his control. Therefore, the viewers can see the most wonderful France in the World Cup 2018 final at 10 pm tomorrow, July 15.

About the confrontation in the past with Croatia, France have a strong advantage. Since Croatia became an Independent country, France and Croatia have five matches, with 3 victories and 2 draws.

In detail, in World Cup 1998 semifinal, France won 2-1, in two Friendly games in 1999, 2000, Croatia has no chance to get the score, and France won 3-0 and 2-0.

In Euro 2004, they drew two-two, and in the friendly game (2011), they drew nil-nil.
In five matches, France had 9 goals, Croatia had 3 goals. Especially, in World Cup 2018, no football teams have the first goal when facing to France.

Croatia: Dream and the final crazy thing

Luka Modric and his teammates do not play wonderful enough but they light up an incredible dream. This is the same to the appellation of Croatia “The King in Extratime”. There 3 matches lasting 120 minutes, among of them, 2 victories came from tiebreaker, and Croatia entered World Cup 2018 final in the incredible surprise of all people.

Everyone is curious about the health of Croatian players, they do not feel tired? A mental strength, sustained determination during the match and keeping head awake are key to the success of Luka Modric and his teammate.

Modric said that Croatia has 4,5 million players to burn the dream about World Cup 2018. It means that Croatians are ready to do the last crazy thing in Russia as a way against all the world when all people think France win. The team in third rankings in World Cup 2018 also is in Luzhniki stadium.
The captain does not lie, because he has played best from the beginning of World Cup 2018. It is very difficult for anyone to give the football from him, but he can quickly do the opposite.

He can control ball and battle-array, coordinate members of the team so it is very difficult for France to win despite their good preparation.
The stronger team does not always win. Zlatko Dalic has worked as Croatian football manager for 9 months but he can lead Croatian in World Cup 2018 final. Therefore, let’s be with All Know-How waiting for an interesting World Cup 2018 final!


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