xi'an places to visit
xi'an places to visit

Xi’an places to visit: Top 5 Must-See Famous Places in Xi’an

Xi’an -used to be called Chang’an, one of the four great ancient capitals of China.  Xi’an is a place that is dominated by 13 dynasties in the history of China, including Western Zhou, Qin, Western Han, Sui, and Tang. It’s also the starting destination of the Silk Road. You should know the top 5 Xi’an places to visit to have the best experience when visiting Xi’an.

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Experience in Xian, China Xi'an places to visit
Experience in Xian, China

The following list of All Know-How will help you have an overview of top 5 Xi’an places to visit.

Mount Hua

Mount Hua Xi'an places to visit
Mount Hua

Mount Hua is one of five great mountains of China, including East Great Mountain: Mount Tai, West Great Mountain: Mount Hua, South Great Mountain: Hengshan, North Great Mountain: Mount Heng, Center Great Mountain: Mount Song. It’s about 120 kilometers from Mount Hua to the east of Xi’an.

The challenging wood road in Mount Hua Xi'an places to visit
The challenging wood road in Mount Hua

Tourist will access to the peak of Mount Hua by cable car, and then visit other 4 mountains in the east, south, and west.
The Mt Hua is famous for the Plank Walk in the elevation of 2000m. It has no protective fence while the abyss is under your feet.

Terracotta Army

Terracotta Army Xi'an places to visit
Terracotta Army

Terracotta army is one of the greatest archeological discoveries of the 20th century. It was discovered in 1974 and held 8000 soldiers, horses and more than 10 000 bronze weapons dated back in the 3rd B.C. This mausoleum is where the first Emperor of China-Qin Shi Huang was buried. A 16 300 –meter square-wide museum was constructed over the area in 1975 for research and conservation. UNESCO considered the area to be a World Cultural Heritage site. It is also the 8th Wonder of the World.

Chang’an City

Ancient Chang'an city Xi'an places to visit
Ancient Chang’an city

Chang’an city was constructed by Zhu Yuanzhang- the founding emperor of China’s Ming dynasty, with more than 600 years old age. The wall is 12m high, the base is 18m thick. The wall expands to 12-14m at its surface, its perimeter is up to 13.74 km. It is surrounded by a deep moat. The city wall was constructed of special materials. it was initially built of a mixture of soil, limestone and sticky rice. Then, it was entirely built of brick.

Chang'an Xi'an Xi'an places to visit
Riding a bike on Chang’an is a very interesting activity in Xi’an

Nowadays, you can ride a hired bike or walk around the city wall to witness the grandeur of this ancient wall.

Shaanxi History Museum

Buddha statues shaanxi history museum Xi'an places to visit
Buddha statues with more than 1,000 years old at Shaanxi History Museum

Shaanxi History Museum is the ideal place to discover the history of China, especially the history of the Tang dynasty.
The Museum is in an area of 63.000m square meters, and houses over 370.000 items which were discovered from the Stone Age to 1840, including murals, paintings, pottery, coins as well as bronze, gold, and silver objects…. Almost the items have the description in English for you in order to easy to read. Shaanxi History Museum was constructed in 1983. It was opened to the public on 20 June 1991.

Giant Wild Goose Pagoda

Giant Wild Goose Pagoda Xi'an places to visit
Giant Wild Goose Pagoda – Xi’an places to visit

Giant Wild Goose Pagoda or Big Wild Goose Pagoda was considered to be the greatest masterpiece of ancient Chinese architecture. The pagoda was built 1300 years ago while Buddhism is extremely flourishing in China. The pagoda was constructed of rammed earth, with 7 stories. It is 64.5m high. One of the pagoda’s many functions was to hold the sutras and figurines of the Buddha that were brought to China from India by Xuanzang (602-664) during the Tang dynasty.

Are you ready to explore all Xi’an places to visit in summer 2018? Let’s go!

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